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Pakistani buyer?

I have a client from Pakistan.But it face issue which credit card he user to purchase a gig from me .He have no paypal account .Help

You can send him a link to this article which explains that you can choose credit card instead of PayPal:

If the client cannot get his credit card to work, though, there is probably an issue on his side. There is nothing you can do about it if the client does not have a standard working credit card.


He said ,i get only paypal option when i proceed order but i have no paypal account .

Paypal and Payoneer both can work. Paypal is not available in Pakistan. He can also use a Mastercard :slight_smile:

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I think Fiverr can process credit cards through either Payoneer or PayPal without having an account, it’s done by using “guest” as far as I recall. Either way, I don’t see how you can help a client further if they can’t figure it out. They can contact Support for help and send screenshots. If they aren’t able to do that, you might have to skip that client.


He said when i proceed order i get option for paypal ,no master card or payoner .?

tell him there are three options tell him look again
Pakistani seller are also working here how they are getting there money
There are three options tell him to look and dont start work before he place an order period!

You are from Pakistan as well.
How are you managing? Do you have Payoneer?

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I think you’ve explained that already. Tell the person to contact Support. If he cannot pay, he is not a client yet. Repeating the issue on the forum isn’t going to fix it.


He said i have master card and payoneer only.

@fonthaunt Ok Thanks

Both methods will work

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He did not get option for master card or payoneer ? He get option only paypal