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Pakistani Sellers - Bank Transfer Option is a Big Relief! [ARCHIVED]


It was great to see the “Bank Transfer Option” on the revenue page of my account. Fiverr is a solid and growing marketplace for the freelancers. Pakistan is the third if not 2nd largest country having it’s sellers listed on Fiverr.
However because of few restrictions Payal has not yet extended it’s services to Pakistan. So, only option left was the “Fiverr Revenue Card” which could be used to withdraw funds via ATM. Because of the Govt. decided exchange rates, seller were suffering. So, direct bank transfer is much of the 'relief" for the sellers/freelancers. They can withdraw funds in their bank account and can get the USD exchanged with PKR in the open market and can get much better exchange rate.
Thank You Fiverr!


Hi there.

Can you please guide me regarding how to set up the bank account at Fiverrs Bank Transfer Option. And would I be able to receive payments directly in my local bank account via this service?

I’ve a Faysal and Standard Chartered Bank accounts.


I have the same question as thewritingc @ Can anyone guide me how it works because each time, I am redirected to the Fiverr page.

I have United bank, Habib Bank, Muslim commercial bank and bank alflah account. Can someone guide how to work with any of these?


in order to setup my bank account , i mean direct transfer , i did not find the pakistan in countery list , is it not for pakistan ?

honney_hannia said: can get much better exchange rate

Great, good this new feature is helping out already! Cheerios!


Anyone from Pakistan tried this option? I am redirected to the Payoneer page where it says, I have already an account.


Bank Transfer Option redirects me to payonner page…I think this option is also not available for Pakistan :frowning:


Can someone tell me the difference between this Bank transfer and Payoneer card withdrawal?


Is this process inexpensive or same !


I also have the same query as all of the above…


Reply to @jamshed_khan: Fiverr is executing this through Payoneer.


Reply to @nine2fiver: Fiverr is executing this option through Payoneer.


Pakistan is yet not listed. I just talked to payoneer customer support in details.


Hello Guys, Kindly tell me the Process Also. I also want to use bank transfer option.


can we utilize that option now? bank transfer


Not yet. We are still waiting for this.


Hello guys!

Is bank transfer to pakistan working now?


Is fiverr bank transfer to pakistan added or not?


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I am already applied for payoneer card. I have to ask that when I add my bank deposit withdrawl method te site says fill payoneer form…but I have already applied for payoneer card…so what should I do in this case, should I fill again the information in the fiverr site for add bank withdrawl method or what I suppose to do ?


these required information is to add your fund to payoneer so just fill these information than it will be added as funding resource and you can get your money and withdraw from any ATM of MCB.