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[Pakistani Users] Which Bank you are using?


Does anyone use Local Bank Transfer option on Payoneer? If yes, which bank you are using for this purpose(HBL,ABL,UBL…??) and how is your experience? What are the charges? How it is better than Payoneer ATM withdrawal?

Thank You

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I use Meezan Bank just because it was the nearest branch i can get.
Payoneer only charge 3.5% fee like If the $ exchange rate is $1 to Pkr133 when you google it then you will get $1 to Pkr130 from Payoneer.
Payoneer uses Mastercard Currency Conversion.


You do local bank transfer to Meezan through Payoneer?

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First Payoneer and then withdraw to bank account using Payoneer website.
When you do this method you will get email
“We received your request to withdraw funds from Payoneer. The funds will be deposited in your bank account within 4 business days.”
but it takes 10 to 20 min and if it’s weekend then it will take more time.


So you are using Meezan or Local Bank Transfer. What about the charges? You withdraw through Meezan ATM Card? How much does it overall cost?

I withdrew $200 some days ago directly from Payoneer Card through ATM. It costed me $10 as fee.

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Withdrawal direct from payoneer card is really expensive try to withdraw your $$ to your bank it will cost you less

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Excellent 10/10

Payoneer to Local bank Free

Much better exchange rate

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exchange rate good with payoneer :slight_smile:

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What you told to HBL as your income source? I visited them and they were asking me of sallary slip etc? What do i need to provide them if i just do freelancing?

Regarding Local Bank Transfer, does not it cost you some %? Like all the conversion fee from $ to Rupee?

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But when you withdraw from ATM, they charge you with heavy Fee. Like Rs1000 they charge me for withdrawing Rs 20,000

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Which bank you are using for local bank transfer? and what did you tell them about the income source?

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I was a student when I opened my account. So they simply opened an ASAAN ACCOUNT. This is free and is for students. So no need for any salary slip etc

From Fiverr to Payoneer, the fess are $3 and then from Payoneer to Local bank, it’s Free.

No conversion fees.


How you withdraw money from HBL? Through ATM? How much do they charge per transaction?

Did HBL provide you with their ATM card? What’s their charges if you use their card.

Also, this ASAAN account is limited to 5 Lakh Rupees, right?



It’s Free. But you can withdraw only Rs. 25000 in 24 hours

Yes, it’s Free. Everything is Free. That’s why it’s Asaan Account and it’s for students

Not 100% but I guess yup, it’s limited


I think they charge 3.5% which you can check through conversion rate. If not then i would like to know that what they mean by this 3.5%
Just wondering


I am using MCB direct bank transfer through payoneer.


Asaan account is limited to specific age person I think. But you can still use it even if you are older than 24, right?

Any issue you faced so far with it?


I am using Allied Bank Limited (ABL). Its better than the Payoneer ATM withdrawal, because with every time you use your card, you need to pay Rs. 250-300 (if I am not mistaken as I didnt use my card since a year or so). While if you first transfer the amount to the native bank then it will surely reduce the transaction charges. I hope it helps. Thank you


ABL (Allied Bank Limited) …


Then you withdraw money through ABL atm? How much do they charge?