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Pals who have been harassed by men - please get in touch with me

Any pals who have been sexually harassed by someone on Fiverr, could you please send me a message if you’re comfortable as I’m in touch with CS and potentially police about a serious safety issue and can use all the evidence I can get. Thanks a mil!

Mods - if this message isn’t allowed please let me know if there’s a kosher way to go about this. It’s really important that I speak to anyone who’s willing to come forward with their stories.



Hope things can get sorted for you soon.
Stay safe and strong!


Thanks so much friend X

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Is it that same guy you mentioned before?

Yes. There’s an open police investigation now. The police said to compile a list of any other women who have experienced it so that I can get everything on record and help bust the guy so I hope if anyone else has a similar story they’ll send me a message. I know it’s awful to talk about but it’s so important that we keep Fiverr safe for everyone to use.

I lost an entire day’s work because of this. I’ve gone from sad and uncomfortable to furious and emboldened.

P.S. if anyone’s worried about this being public/tipping him off/encouraging him, I no longer care. I hope he sees this. I’m not going to stop until I get to the bottom of it now.


That’s great to know, please keep us updated!


I assume his account was blocked and he made a new one?

Sorry you have to deal with this but kudos for taking action.

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Over the months he made several new accounts, sometimes I blocked him, sometimes they were deactivated first, and I’m not sure if that’s because Fiverr was shutting them down or he was deactivating them himself. It’s been months since he’s messaged me (that I know of… I’ve gotten a few questionable messages but nothing explicit) until now.

This was such a nightmare to deal with today, and I was so caught up in adrenaline that when a long-standing client granted an extension request on their order and said “hope you’re ok” I actually started crying :joy: I’m a mess!


You are probably not the only one he is doing it to so that might be why his new accounts were deactivated when you saw them.

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Oh, @gwyneth_galvin - so proud of you for dealing with this as you are.

My avatar is kinda generic because of this kind of behaviour - people tend to assume I’m male … but, frankly, that kind of self protection shouldn’t be necessary. What is wrong with people?!!

Many good vibes on their way to you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:



And I am trying to build my brand. I WANT to be able to use my real photo. I WANT to be able to use my real name. I am currently looking into agency work so that I can start recording national commercials in the UK, and I want people to know me by name! I have nothing to hide, and I should not have to remain anonymous in order to remain safe. F*** that to be honest.

I understand that the occasional odd message is to be expected, but no way am I going to roll over and just accept this level of violation. It’s escalated now to a point where I won’t even share the things he said in his messages.


You’re not the only one facing that issue, I am going through this nowadays myself !

Can you send me a message here on the forum please? If you’re up for it?

OMG! This i something serious. Can you share the link of the story of what has happened. I don’t know how Customer support will react to the matters like this. Blocking is the only option and if he is successful in creating new accounts again and again then how will that help?

Customer support told me they’re taking it seriously but can’t share their progress with me due to privacy.

I’m not sure how to link to the original thread where I talked about this guy, hopefully someone else is able?

Here is the link: Man making multiple accounts to harass me


I hope CS will be able to help you for this matter. Idiots are everywhere! huhh…Stay Safe. Such ill minded persons names must be disclosed so that everyone should be aware of them. But i understand why forum do not allow us for that. So don’t bother. Things will be sorted soon.

It wouldn’t make a difference anyway because he creates a new account under a pseudonym every time his account gets deleted.

There isn’t even away to know he is messaging you first because he starts out pretending to be an interested buyer.

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