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Par for the Blackmailing Course

Long story short. Buyer orders a $200 gig (normal work for me) for a 48-hour turnaround. Complete it. Doesn’t get back to me for a week. Asks for minor changes. Not a problem, I give them happily. Then things take a turn.

Before I get to the rest, I’d like to preface this by saying this “buyer” is also a level 2 seller on here.

Seems to like the work, asks me to do 12 new pieces and asks for a quote. I give him a high quote, because it’s a lot of work. He then insinuates it’s too much money, and that I should think about lowering it because he’s yet to leave my review for my current job. I apologize and tell him I can’t.

He then states, "Well, the guy I’m outsourcing this to doesn’t like the work and asked for a refund. But I don’t care about that."

Then asks for more significant additions. Not changes, full additions. I give them free of charge.

Then he states his client wants a refund (whom he outsourced the work to), so he wants a refund. "As I’ve yet to give a review, you should give me a refund."

I refuse.

Negative feedback.

Welcome to the life of a Fiverr seller.

Sorry to hear that. Believe it or not, I have this scenario happen more often on my $5 gigs than I do on the gigs that pay a lot more. I always get the impression they pay $5 knowing they can use the modification button after to get work done worth more than the $5 they paid.

One thing you may want to check into. At one time I read that if another seller buys gigs, cancellations is not expected unless the work was not done or something quite obvious was not met that was promised. Sellers usually know the rules better than just a normal buyer and for a seller to use those rules as a means of manipulation is especially frown upon. Hmmm, I wonder what CS would think of that.

Wow, this is really messed up. Why don’t you report it since he threatened you with the review?

Reply to @steveeyes: Actually, it did add relevance to the post. I’m not freaking out saying, “OMG $200,” this will ruin me, because I was merely stating that it was a normal order. Hence why I added it. I could not care less if someone’s feelings got hurt because I’m proud of my work.

Reply to @levinewman: good point…hence removed my comment. You should report him.

I did, but Fiverr support is such a crapshoot who knows.

What a nightmare. You should get that removed by customer support because the buyer blackmailed you for a lower rate. Your comment about a Level 2 seller though… levels don’t mean squat here. The rating system is $#!@*&#$&^#$

As a TRS, let me assure you that I have NEVER had 100% rating. NEVER deliver free work or free modifications IF that’s what your gig page states/that’s what you want to do. I have NEVER offered gratis revisions as that is free work. Yes, I get the PayPal Chargeback scammers, the bad reviews and all of that. But you cannot allow yourself to be bullied by what I call “bully-buyers!” Our community will strengthen when we stand. The best way to do that BESIDES delivering what you’ve promised, is to NEVER “cave in” and give away free work or modifications. A bad review here and there from a bully WILL NOT stop you from getting featured gigs or TRS, etc.

Don’t be bullied! It’s not good for you or for business*:wink:

That is great advice from the TSRs. It’s taken me 300 gigs, but I’ve finally realised what you guys are saying is bang on the money.

Don’t let this guy beat you, Levi. Hopefully CS would (eventually) back you, seeing as it does look fairly obvious he’s blackmailing you.

Reply to @meggananderson: Thanks for such a glowing response. It’s much appreciated.

Reply to @meggananderson: Totally agree. At least for me, so far, I lose more time/money and have more stress trying to keep up with ridiculous requests than I ever do from getting a just “okay” or negative review because I’m neither mind reader nor doormat. I’m not excellent at confrontation, but when I cowgirl up and stand my ground (even in a polite way), most bullies back off and I don’t waste time or lose money by continually trying to make the un-appease-able happy. I choose to believe that buyers can tell the difference between a review left by a buyer who understands the value of what they’ve received for the small amount of money they’ve paid for it and reviews left by people who expect the impossible. Obviously, that’s foolish, but it keeps me motivated.

Refunds for writers are hard. If I ask a cover designed to change a font, that’s easy. But ask a writer to change anything, that could be a major undertaking, specially if you have to brainstorm the entire thing again.

Today I’m trying something new, when a buyer ask for a modification, I’m sending him a $5 custom order. I’m tired of working twice and getting paid once.

fastcopywriter said: Today I'm trying something new, when a buyer ask for a modification, I'm sending him a $5 custom order. I'm tired of working twice and getting paid once.
I'm curious to see how your strategy works out. I clearly state "No Revisions" on my gigs, but that doesn't disable the modify button. Make sure you post about if it's working well. :)

Reply to @levinewman: I am slightly gutted for you to be honest. I am a buyer and it all seems stacked up against the seller. Surely support can get involved with this case as it seems they have your work “in hand”. It not like its a car you have sold and the buyer wants to return it. I have fav your gigs and hope to order from you once you are back off your hols. all the best m8

Love it. I got the canned response for being blackmailed.

Tara Today at 13:46

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. We understand your frustration and we apologize for the unfortunate experience, however, we are not permitted to remove or change any feedback left on the order without direct consent from the buyer. If you wish to pursue this matter further, you will need to discuss it with the buyer.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and are here if you have any further issues.

Sorry to hear they didn’t help. It’s bad enough that this happens at all, but for it to be another seller that did it is worse.

meggananderson said: But you cannot allow yourself to be bullied by what I call "bully-buyers!" Our community will strengthen when we stand.

I agree. I’m not prominent enough on here to be able to speak on bad reviews not hurting your status, but I can definitely speak on not being bullied.

I try to always be polite to buyers or potentials asking questions because I like to address people in a professional way. That politeness isn’t the same as being a doormat, kissing butt, or song and dance. Just like I can politely say yes, I can politely say no.

If I don’t do something, I don’t do it. If this is my price, this is my price. I’ve yet to cave in the time I’ve been here and don’t plan to whether threatened or not. This is business.

I’ve been lucky enough that people back off once they see I won’t be taken advantage of and haven’t had to deal with getting unfair reviews out of spite. I can only hope that what others have said is true and that if and when that does happen, it won’t affect much and I hope the same for other sellers who have to deal with bad ratings they didn’t deserve.

I never understood CS logic here.

“If you wish to pursue this matter further, you will need to discuss it with the buyer”

So I’m suppose to convince a buyer who is blackmailing me to change his rating so he can stop blackmailing me.

Probably 99% of negative reviews come out of spite and Fiverr should not allow or tolerate the rating system being used as a tool for blackmailing sellers – nor should they expect a seller to able to convince an unreasonable buyer to change their rating.

I know this is going to upset some folks but here is the truth.
Your buyer is more likely your competition , it is a difficult position for fiverr and so they took favour on who has been with them longer.
There is however a catch here that will help you get justice.
If you can prove this without a shadow of doubt :
The person may have used your work anyway pretending the on sell didn’t occur.
if you could say run your text through copyscape or some such you maybe able to find evidence that cannot be hushed up by customer support.
With more hard proof you can once again contact them and ask for a review on the case.

It is a shame your buyer was such a dick , though speaking as a buyer of writing items
that does not on sell : Customer support helped me with some issues and it is my belief both the buyer and seller actually managed to be made happy in my case.

Your comment about the crap shoot is understandable as I too have had a different problem and had the most audaciously dumb “help” I ever encountered (please note however you may elect to further your complaint and ask for a different Customer Support team member. )

Once again sorry you had issues , chin up not all of support are hopeless there is at least one in there that works above and beyond in their role.

Stand tall, stand proud and don’t let them bully you.
(Potential) Buyers might see that one bad review and the many very good reviews and they will know that it was not your fault.
I actually am a bit weary of top sellers who do NOT have a single bad review in 1,000 totals.
Leave that guy behind you and make sure to not for him again.

What hurts more is the CS’ response on this.
As if they never read the conversation and just copy/paste what we already know.