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Paradise of solopreneur


I love Fiverr as much as I love my other assets at online. It’s been 4 years I’m working with Fiverr. As a solopreneur, I’m a bit slow too. :grinning: I have a few friends, brothers all of them including me working on Fiverr individually on different niche.

We share our selling and buying experience sometimes. Last day we got an idea. It’s about a tag box on Fiverr home page that would be great, we think. Tags should be added based on popular search term on Fiverr so that user can move in a rush without 0 hassle.
Shaping and designing a new system for securing surface online. Need love to carry on.


What is cannabis diversification please?


It means nothing to me, after asking you. That’s why changed it to “sometimes”.


Sorry - you’ve lost me, but good luck with whatever it is!


How do I lost you? :fearful:


I don’t want to lose you, brother. :slight_smile:


She’s NOT a brother… :rolling_eyes:


Paradise was lost, anyway.


Seems like so is the “Cannabis Diversification”…


oops! I can’t say sorry. Next time try to address as a sister. :slight_smile:


Wrong! Paradise wasn’t lost. We all got kicked out because of some hysterical woman stealing other people’s apples.

Perhaps not the best thing to remind people of on international woman’s day, but this a serious issue which affects all Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and the truth shouldn’t be glossed over so lightly.