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Paranoid Buyer accusing me of being a scammer


I’m dealing with a paranoid buyer who purchased a gig. At first he asked for my email to which I told him “no.” All along he’s constantly reminded me that his short story is copyrighted, then out of the blue he sends me a message that he thinks I’m a scammer and that he thinks I’m trying to steal his stuff. Then he says that he’s reporting me to Fiverr for being a scammer…

I’m not worried about him reporting me- my record is clean and I have high ratings, but I’m just confused as to next steps…

I put in a cancellation request just b/c I want to be done with him, but is there a way to report him as well for being a paranoid nut?


“Paranoid nut” is not yet one of the available flags. :slight_smile:


I’ll bet it’s a crap short story too. Authors are just bad news. Them and realtors are like icing on a royal wedding cake. They’re all show and don’t really have the slightest bit intellectual nutritional value.

I’d contact CS yourself with your side of the story just to make sure they don’t go all out reactionary rather than look at the matter at hand objectively. In the meantime, just keep your fingers crossed that the buyer accepts to cancel.


TBH- it is pretty bad. He ordered my screenplay gig to turn it into a screenplay. I wasn’t going to have my name on it when I delivered it to him. He was going to get the ghost writing extra for free.


Update- I took your advice and contacted CS. They are reviewing his comments to me. Said they won’t be able to let me know what happens due to privacy policy, but I understand.

Thanks for the advice.