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PART 1 - [EXPERIENCE] what I have learnt in 3 months! [TIPS]

In 3 months
What all I have learnt is,



here are some of the points which I noted down in 3 months :slight_smile:

  • ## Your profile Reviews and repeat orders are the key to success : Always ask your clients to review and Broadcast discounts and your offers to them weekly/monthly.

  • ## In hurry never accept orders which you canโ€™t do : in hurry many sellers are willing to work for cheap and want an order whether its any kind of, and atlast they are not able to submit quality neither they get a good pay and before starting on Fiverr they fail

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My next part will be posted after getting good response on this post :slight_smile:
To be continued โ€ฆ

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Thanks for this valuable information. Can you give? How can I increase my impression or jumped into the first page in Gig ranking?

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There are many ways to increase your gig traffic!
Go to good traffic doffolow forums! Share your gigs there!
Post on craiglist!
Make your own Blog and write regular content related to your service and link your gigs to it!

And The best is SOCIAL MEDIA
Advertise there! Search from groups which are related to your services to advertise and get conversions :blush:

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Thanks Brother for your help.

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