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Partial Balance Withdraw Option

While Withdrawing available balance, you can only withdraw the full amount of your balance. I think it would be nice if we could select the amount which we want to withdraw from our available balance.
What’s your thought on this?


There is a withdrawal limit of $5000/24 hours. I doubt they’ll let you choose to withdraw any amount you want but I wish there were a few options ($500 / $1000 / $2000 / $5000 perhaps) to that limit.

I contacted the CS a few months back and they said it was an automated system and they couldn’t do anything about it at the moment, though.


That would be a nice idea. However, Fiverr already state that it’s for the process is automatic for withdrawals.

Maybe in future, they’ll have such system.


Great Idea:heart_eyes:


Yes I appreciate you.:heart_eyes::+1:

How do you actually withdraw anything? I have been trying but don’t see any withdrawal option.

If you go to Selling at the top of the Fiverr main page and then Earnings you will find it there.