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Partial Payment

Hello to all!

I am working with fiverr from 2014 and I realized that there is most favorable options for buyers not for sellers. I have a suggestion on mutual cancellation agreement and would like to know your suggestion. In fact, no doubt, all the freelancer sites facilitates to clients as much possible. However, there is need some balance and favor of sellers too. I have bitter experience regarding like that issue.

My question is that If a buyer or client misleading or becomes dishonest, what role should be played to the fiverr with buyer and seller at the same time? What happens if they return partial amount to both buyer and seller instead of full refund?

In fact, last time, I provided all the proofs of the deal also a check list but fiverr told me that if the buyer is not satisfied, they couldn’t do, you will have to refund and cancel the order. Or do satisfy to the client or buyer. But client was asking for more than our deal and after taking the job. While I have worked for him continuously 10 hours. Also, he was asking after 10 hours with new requirements, which was not the part of the deal. I asked to fiverr that I request please be fair with sellers and if possible give partial payment instead of full, but fiverr told me that there is no partial system of payment. So, I want that please raise your voice for our rights. Because some other sites do partial payment if buyer becomes dishonest and misleading with sellers. And in this way, the buyer and seller both agree on this system. Even, sometimes buyer and seller are both not happy but they feel that something is better than nothing.


Unfortunately, I’ve also dealt with buyers who have ordered and then asked for far more than the scope of the job after the fact. I feel as though if you held up your end of the original deal, or at least provided everything that was within the scope of your gig, you’ve done all you can and should be compensated as such, even if it is just a partial amount. Or at the very least, you shouldn’t get a negative mark on your completion rate for orders that you could not complete because they were not the service you provide. Unfortunately though, as you said, Fiverr is a buyer-first organization - as they should be. Yes, Fiverr should certainly cater to the sellers more, as we are the backbone of the entire platform. I don’t think you’re asking too much in wanting to be compensated for work completed within the original agreement with the buyer.


Hello, without knowing all the details we cannot judge if CS did the right thing or not in this case.

Sometimes sellers do not deliver what is agreed to or advertised.

CS tells buyers no they cannot have a refund. They look to see if you delivered what you said you would.

I have never had CS refund any of my orders.

Thank you for your quick response. I showed the screenshots also my work. In fact, customer also confessed that I was close but when he asked for more work I denied because it was not the part or our deal. He said that he wants refund then. Regretfully, when CS told me that they can’t take any action against the buyer, and they wouldn’t convince to pay. So, I have only option that I had to cancel the order or satisfied at all cost to buyer. When I asked for partial payment, CS told me that there is no partial payment system. While some sites have partial payment system. And the main important thing is that an expert or seller is the part of the site as a permanent member while buyer or customer is temporary. So, the justification is that if a buyer is misleading or dissatisfied due to misunderstanding or another reason while at the same time seller is on the right side, the best solution is the partial payment and in this way both of them will satisfy a little better, instead of one get refund and other no earnings with negative ratings. I don’t think so that’s fair.

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Since your logo says satisfaction 100% guaranteed if the buyer says he is not satisfied the buyer should get a refund if he is not satisfied!

You have absolutely no reason not to give a full refund due to that.

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Hahahah… well said. But, if he cheats when?

He can get a refund if he says he is not satisfied. The end.

Sorry, I don’t agree with you. Because everything is provided and he wants his money back based on cheating, I will not support to him but if he is on right, definitely the money should return.

You cannot advertise a 100% satisfaction guarantee and then not give a full refund if they are not satisfied!

Isn’t that kind of obvious?


I completely agree with you… I am the one who stand with you…:raising_hand_man:

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If a person says that crow is white, should we accept?
But you say, yes, because he is not satisfied after seeing it was black… so we should refund.

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YES!!! It’s up to him not you! You are required to refund him if he says he is not satisfied. That’s the end of it.

You have said that in your profile picture!

If he says a crow is white not black and is not satisfied GIVE THE REFUND! Stop arguing about it. You are false advertising. You need to remove that 100% guarantee since you are not honoring it.

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Cool Mam, why are you fighting with me. I have provided the proves to fiverr and they also have confessed I was right but they supported to buyer because they give importance them, so you don’t need to do any advocacy for someone.

I do not understand why you think you can have that guarantee in your profile but argue with a buyer about it. Why is that? Take it down if you are not going to honor it.

That guarantee means no matter what the reason you give a refund.

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It is a big example of my point of view. You are not accepting my proves, how I satisfy you?

Because it does not matter what you say the reason is!

You offer a refund no matter what! Then you don’t want to do that.

Stop arguing. You’re wrong.

Definitely, when you didn’t accept my work even its 100%, you will consider 0 that’s it.

All you have to do is not offer a 100% guarantee if you don’t want to honor it.

Do you even understand what 100% satisfaction guarantee means? I don’t think so.

I agree with @misscrystal on this. 100% Satisfactions Guarantee mean that the customer is 99% satisfied, he can request the full amount of money back.

If you don’t want to give full refunds, then you CAN’T claim 100% satisfaction guarantee. That would be false advertising. So get rid of the slogan if you are not going to abide by it