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Partial refund for buyers who mistakenly pay too much

We don’t know if this would be a little addition or a lot of work for Fiverr web gurus, but we would love to see a Partial Refund option for the buyers that sometimes pay a bit too much or have decided to adjust their orders to a lower cost. We figure that if orders can be easily adjusted up, then why not make them easily adjusted down. As it stands now, buyers only have the option to cancel the order and purchase anew at the price they need.

Something to think about…

-Tim @ Easy Media

Great idea!

I would love that option!

Also handy for when they request an extra and for some reason you can’t do it…

I paid by mistake the same designer twice, how can one get back his money?

Besides, the two logo I already got, suck and do not represent the products I am selling.

Other two I bought, have not been delivered for 4 weeks.

I completely agree. This is a function that should have been made years ago. I can’t say how annoying it is to have to refund a gig and have the buyer re-order again. Kind of takes the ease out of the whole Fiverr model.

Reply to @axzion: You can request a cancellation but if the order was marked as complete the only chance is to go through customer support

Yeah, my only guess as to why they’ve not done this yet is that they may want to discourage buyers from taking any or all of their money back, even if it is temporary. It’s only speculation on my part, but maybe Fiverr feels that a buyer is more likely to cancel altogether if they have to deal with a refund/cancellation, then reorder. But, on the other hand, Fiverr should trust that our interest is the same as their’s is… and that it is maximize sales. This would just be another tool to make things faster and smoother.

I would love this feature. Not only as a way of fixing over payment errors and resolving issues but also as a marketing tool. I have many repeat clients and sometimes I would love to give them a goodwill discount for being awesome.

I’d love this feature too! Now that we have the ability to add more things to an order on the fly, it would be wonderful if the order could be modified in general to lower or remove things as well if it turns out it isn’t needed or, as mentioned, we just want to give the buyer a discount for some reason.

Reply to @msbooker: Yes, DISCOUNTS! We’ve thought of that as well. It would be amazing to be able to do that in the middle of an order.

Reply to @msbooker: But can’t you just give your repeat customers a goodwill discount by doing a custom order and just making that amount whatever you want to?

I’m curious, how often does it happen to you that a buyer pays too much by mistake?

Reply to @sincere18: In around 1k orders, I had only few buyers that ordered twice by mistake. But that is different as we cancelled that order

I never had buyer order too much for one gig tho.

Reply to @arty182925: Thanks. I was wondering because so many people are asking for this feature. I would think this is something that only happens once or twice and that if it is happening a lot with one seller, then maybe they might want to edit some of their gig descriptions or see where there might be reasons buyers are doing it and try to cut down a bit.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Thanks for the example of one way this may happen. Though if it happens often I would think some clarification to the gig could have merit. Though I did look at your gig and it was interesting that on the $50 extra one it says “recommended” so you are actually recommending people buy the $55 gig in a sense.

Reply to @sincere18: It’s not necessarily a case of ordering “too much”.

To give you an idea, I offer a CV/resume gig. Sometimes, buyers will order the full rewrite option ($55), when in reality, they only need their document proofread/reformatted ($25). In these instances, I have to inform the buyer, cancel the order, and send a custom quote. This can potentially add a number of days to the order.

Reply to @sincere18: Of course I recommend people to order the higher value extra; doesn’t every person in business do the same? I’m not forcing their hand, as they can choose any option with no repercussions. However, due to the model fiverr operates, I can’t pre-screen or otherwise reject orders. If I use the text “please message me before ordering”, then I’m creating an unnecessary trade barrier.

I must take each order as it comes and then act on it accordingly. This means, in some cases, that customers overpay, so the option to quickly refund part of their order would be perfect.

Reply to @mrproofreading: That is understandable, though that does create a bit of a predicament with buyers as they only get credits back and not a refund. But that’s a bigger Fiverr issue in general how it works. Though I could potentially see some people misusing a feature like that.

I would really enjoy this idea just because I had an incident myself and I lost a lot of money. I created an entire website and I could not add another product field in Wix on the product page so she stated she wanted some money back. I agreed, and was left with no money.

Reply to @sincere18: It usually happens when the buyer is new to fiverr. They hit buttons by accident, don’t understand the process, they “miss” the gig description, etc… Even if it was a small percentage of buyers, it would be a helpful feature because we would have complete control over the order amount SHOULD someone need a price adjustment.