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Partial Refund - Request to Partial Refund from Seller

It would make sense to have a partial refund option, Recently i attempted a relatively large order in video editing which is something that i do not usually do or offer in my initial services, the files were huge and took literally days to render and upload, there were three files and as i attempted to render the 3rd video it gives me an error at a certain percentage no matter what video settings or templates i render with, now this is a problem because i’ve already delivered the last 2 video files to the recipient due to the deadline and the time it had taken to render and upload the previous two files but now i’m stuck and see no way through this technicality and it would be great if i could offer a partial refund to the recipient having done 70% of the order already and being unable to finish, cancelling the order and giving the full refund to the recipient just does not seem right at all especially after all the time i’ve already put into the project


I’d like to see this option, too. Recently I had a client purchase an Extra Fast extra with their order, but circumstances prevented me from being able to deliver it on time (the client didn’t provide the info I needed to even get started on time). I wanted to refund the Extra Fast option, but the only way I could do it was to cancel the order and have them re-order without it, which isn’t very convenient for the buyer.


Yes, this would be an useful option. I didn’t come across any situation where I needed to refund the buyer, so, was unaware of this restriction.

I would like that also. This could work also if the buyer cancels when the order is delivered for some reason we could get atleast 50 percent, because you waste your time, you send him files and then “boom” you get nothing. I would definitely love this feature.

Reply to @jmbauhaus:

it could be done that way but not only is it inconvenient for the buyer, there is nothing in place and no obligation to stop them from cancelling the initial order after taking your delivery and not placing the additional order despite agreeing to do so unless you do this prior to the delivery

YES, YES, YES!! This is an idea that definitely needs to be implemented. If a buyer orders extras but isn’t 100% satisfied with the work, we could offer a partial refund to keep them happy.

Good idea Joey!


This would be a great addition to fiverr.

It happens so often where the buyer orders services they don’t need or services I can’t deliver based on their expectations. Instead of cancelling the whole gig and increasing my cancellation ratio, it would be much easier to simply refund the offending part of the order.


Definitely! This is a needed option. I have a buyer who accidentally purchased an extra $5 add on and would like to revert back to the just $5, but I have no way to do so.

Cancelling (as mentioned) dings my rating and that’s really unfair to everyone because it was an honest mistake and wasn’t really anyone’s fault. Still, it’s the only way to get her money back so I have written to her to inform and now am waiting for response.

At this point now I have to wait to see if she is going to cancel, when I would have already delivered her order.

The lack of a partial refund button is really hurting!

Woot! I’m glad that was balanced out! Why does it still show on the analytics?

@kjblyn, I’m not sure what you mean?

Reply to @christari: He means so you are able to view your cancellation ratio to keep track of your progress

I agree, there should be a partial refund. It’s unfair for me to spend so much time on something only to be told it’s unacceptable and having the seller act like they want to cheat me. Fair days pay for a fair days work.

I’m also in FULL support of this feature

Would like to see this much needed feature.

Great idea, I recently had a situation where a partial refund would have been beneficial. Luckily in this case I was able to offer another service for free to make up the amount, but even that is still not convenient for the buyer.

I’ve also had to cancel orders recently because now apparently when buyers order extras X 6 for example the gig number is multiplied by 6 too. I do not recall this being an issue a few months ago and I have since adjusted gigs to compensate it, but I in the meantime I had buyers charged way more than they should have been. I find myself using the custom gig option all the time to overcome this issue.

I am delivering the services for a single invoice placed by my buyer for the multiples of a particular type of gig I offer . I have already finished few gigs from that order. Could you please suggest how can I ask him to release partial payment so that I can withdraw money for my needs while I continue to deliver the remaining gigs. Kindly help me as I need the funds urgently.

There is no option on Fiverr for partial payment or partial refund. As far as partial payment, there really is no need for it. Since you can separate an order into as many gigs as you wish, you can easily have a buyer pay starting at $5. You complete that much of the work and deliver it, and they can order another gig. If $5 is too little, of course you can use any other multiples of 5 so I’ve never seen a situation where this wasn’t an easy solution.

From what you describe, your real problem here isn’t partial payment, it’s the withdrawal wait. You cannot withdraw funds any sooner than 14 days after the order is marked complete. Even a Top Rated Seller has to wait 7 days.

So, if you have your buyer pay partial up front (i.e. $5) and then you finish that much work and they mark it complete so you can start the next portion, you’ll need to wait 2 weeks to get access to the first payment. (Note - if the buyer doesn’t click the complete button, it takes 3 more days for the order to auto-complete, so in that case your total wait to withdraw is about 17 days.)

i disagree, fonthaunt.

Many times a buyer will purchase extras they do not need and currently my only option is to refund the entire gig.

It would make sense in this case to just refund a partial amount and not the full gig.

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I don’t think this will ever get implemented as I also started a thread on this a while ago ; I don’t know if any of the features posted here actually get implemented :S

Why oh why hasn’t this been implemented yet?! I have the same issues where a client orders more gig extras than they need. It would be so much easier to just give a partial refund.

Also, I am just one person and sometimes certain projects take a bit longer than anticipated, I would feel so much better if I could partially reimburse my clients for not meeting the deadline (a deadline extension option would be nice too, actually).