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Partial refund?

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if I can just ask this question here but:

For a translation job I accidentally mixed up two translation jobs, which lead to me charging the wrong word amount. Now the client is, logically, asking for a partial refund.

Is there a possibility for sellers to partially refund an order?

Thanks in advance!


The only way is for you to offer a full refund, then ask the buyer to buy again with the new price… This is not advisable since the buyer can decide not to order after you issue the refund…
You could ask the buyer if you could keep all the funds then make it a discount on the next order.

But the direct answer is NO you can’t issue a partial refund


Yep, unfortunately it’s not yet possible. I agree with @phantompower about what you can do. :wink:

Of course best option for you is if you can keep the money and give him discount on next order as that means that he will order again from you for sure. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response! I informed the client and am now waiting for his reaction.

I usually cancel that order and ask buyers to re-order with new price.

No chance of partial refund
cancel the order and re order with a new price

And if you are worried about that buyer
You should contact with cs