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Partial Refunds!

Why doesn’t Fiverr offer a partial refund feature? We really need something like this to refund buyers who change their mind on a gig extra, or for various other reasons. Do any of you guys see the need for something like this?

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First, that would be hard to quantify. Fiverr uses the cancellation system for levels. Would you take a partial refund into account as a full cancellation or not? Obviously that would be the case, so there would be more cancellations and people losing their level.

On top of that, cancellations would be open for abuse. Buyers would frighten sellers with a possible bad review just so they can get some of their money back and pay less. There’s no good way to implement such a system without problems or abuse from either buyers or sellers. That’s the same with no charges on tips, it just opens the door to abuse and it definitely doesn’t benefit Fiverr if you share a partial refund.


More options to abuse the system and kick sellers in the butt? If you’re a freelancer doing (let’s say web design for this example), and a client asks you to design a website. You tell them it will cost 100 USD. Then they ask you to create some content for them as well, to populate the website, so you do that, after confirming with the client that this will incur an additional fee of 50 USD.

After creating the content (or in the middle of it) the client says: “You know what? I’d rather have my grandmother write the content” (true story), “so I’d like a partial refund. Since I’m not using your service for the content I want my 50USD back, please”.

The end result is that people place, confirm, and pay for your services, meaning you will spend time and energy working on the delivery, only to have them change their mind after the fact.

What you’re suggesting is in my opinion just another way for buyers to abuse sellers (like they don’t have enough ways to do so already.)

Thanks, but no thanks.


True. I think Fiverr should remove reviews where the buyer threatens the seller in the order page for cancellation, when the seller rejects their cancellation request.