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Partial withdrawal of funds


When withdrawing funds, we should have an option of choosing which amounts we want to take out of Fiverr at that time.


I would much rather put every penny I can in a real bank account why on earth would you want to leave you’re money on this site???


Reply to @matt_garry: To purchase gigs with?



The sellers need an option to keep some money remaining at Fiverr accounts.


Yes, I agree too. Also because some money account charge for money transfers, so if you first require a withdrawal and then want to buy a gig, you can lose some money…


Yes, I completely agree!


Yes, I completely agree. I would like to take out partial funds and leave some money in FIVERR to purchase gigs. Otherwise I have to login to my Paypal account each time I make a purchase. It’s just a bit faster this way. Perhaps more posts here will help FIVERR make that option available.



I agree! We need a partial funds withdrawal system.


Since Paypal allows partial withdrawals and Fiverr immediately directs you to Paypal if you do not have enough funds to cover the gig through Fiverr, I don’t see what the problem is.


Partial withdrawal is required. specially for Payoneer card option.

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I agree


i was just thinking about that and i full agree that sellers should be allowed partial withdrawal of funds to payoneer card because not everyone uses paypal, also, sellers may need some funds in the wallet for shopping.


I agree we need to have option to have partial withdrawal in fiverr. Beside when you use paypal it has additional charge.


I also agree on this. All are getting agree but there is no reply from fiverr support team.



I think this is a pertinent issue. It will be great if we can partially withdraw funds


I agree, every freelancer should be able to transfer any amount of money he wants from his account.


Agreed! I like to do Partial withdrawal of funds!


Yes i agree
It should be


well it is better to keep your funds in your local bank rather than in fiverr account.


I would like to keep some of my funds in fiverr account for purchasing gigs using it.