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Partial Withdrawals & Quality monitoring

Fiverr should enable partial withdrawals & they should screen the overall activity much more and be a lot stricter. Anybody can buy and sell, there are no criteria for example for sellers, which causes congestion and an excess amount of sellers in practically every category. This effects the overall quality of services and products sold on Fiverr, as there are wayy too many sellers. At the moment, as far as I can see, supply exceeds demand. It would improve Fiverr & its reputation in general to do so.


If Fiverr limits entrees, maybe they will lose the next Top Rated seller with exceptional quality?

And obviously Fiverr wants Top Rated Sellers.

I’m not saying they should limit them, just ask for some credentials or something maybe…

If fiverr asked you for your credentials, what would you give them?

My blog where I have proof of my work, scanned copy of my ID and other docs if necessary.

A blog doesn’t prove anything, it can be doctored and filled with bot to show any results. I see you offer magick as a gig, do you have a cert that shows you qualify in the field?

There are no certifications for it, it’s not like getting a degree.


So here is the overall conclusion. If fiverr began removing sellers based on credentials and qualifications, you would be one of those who get booted. Reason is you can show your id, drivers license but when you get to the point where they ask how you qualify to do the work, then…

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This applies to my work in particular, and I wouldn’t get booted. My gig is not a “mundane” kind of service by far. I am stating that some kind of screening needs to be done and it is far too easy for someone to create a gig. I am not offering an educational subject where people get diploma’s etc., like most mundane jobs require. What I do is rare.

Hmm, this reminds me of some other marketplaces that screen every new registration by asking details about the potential new seller’s portfolio, reasons why they want to sell on that marketplace, what they would want to sell there, experience, etc. to keep the marketplace at high standards - imagine how much spam this removes from a marketplace, just by refusing those who give generic answers like “I wanta make money my fammily”, or “I want to sell emails or software licenses” and the such.

If Fiverr looks for Top Rated Sellers, and want to get rid of all this spam, what I mentioned that other marketplaces do might be a good idea. Although Fiverr would need a lot of manpower…


This is a marketplace and with these places many sellers are usually there. In the midst of it all one simply need to analyse the track record, ratings and reviews of who they wish to do business with in order to get by. It is not hard to fish out fakeness or poor quality here.

Qualification here is simply prooving yourself with the task on hand. This should not be much of an issue, everyone wants a slice of the pie. Let the one doing the buying be the judge of their needs and preferences.
Be thankful for the opportunity, PEACE!

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Fiverr works fine the way it is with no restrictions for sellers who enter. Those who turn out to be false or poor usually get weeded out naturally. Plus, Fiverr has taken stances over time by removing people who do reviews, FB stuff, and homework. SO, they are doing things.

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I only agree with you about the partial withdrawings! That would be very handy :+1:

Well, I would like partial withdrawal option very much, but as I see this (and similar) topics were open back in 2013 and this option is still now available. :confused:

Agreed. Similar platforms also use methods like:

  • Registration questions (like those mentioned above). Some sites use survey format so it’s automated, but obviously the seller could choose to lie about their customers/sales.
  • Monitoring a seller during their first 30-60 days with a three-strike warning system to ensure they follow the site’s rules and standards.
  • Requiring a seller to make so many sales/successful deliveries during their first 60 days (or they’re booted).

My personal favorite is the last one. It puts a fire under the seller from the start and if they don’t have a marketable (and high-quality) service, they won’t stick around and clutter the marketplace. :slight_smile:


Good points but I can’t really agree with you. (Sorry :slight_smile:)
I think second option could be best for this kind of business as monitoring of new sellers would remove bad sellers, while third option could remove some potentially good sellers who were maybe just unlucky in first 60 days or they entered very full category. :wink: While this system wouldn’t remove all bad buyers because they would find workaround like paying someone to order just to meet the criteria. :wink: