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Passed both english tests but cant publish my gig

Hi, i have passed both english tests in top 20%, but it is still showing that i have to retake english test to publish my gig.

What is the solution for this problem.


Any input plz.

I am still unable to post my new gig

Hello there.
The test you take to publish your gig is different from the 2 English tests on the skills test.
Simply click on the retake test button to take the required test so you can publish your gig

Bro, there were only 2 tests, fiver english test, and english language test,

I have passed both tests with 8.2 and 8.8 score.

I can confirm that there is no other english test except these two.

There is. Just not where the other skills test are. I had this same issue a few months ago.

Do this, go back to the gig you want to publish. When you get to that last bit, click on the retake test button. It should take you to where you’ll take the test. When you take and pass the test, you can then publish your gig.

this test is different in that the test scores will not be displayed

@imbaig this is what i mean :point_down:

same problem could not publish the gig after passing the test.