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Passed English test but unable to publish gig

Hey, I passed the English test with a 9.8 score, but upon returning to my gig’s page, it just says I have to take the test again. However, upon trying to take the test, it says I’m stuck in a wait time and can’t take it again. It’s almost like the results of the test were just not submitted. Anyone know if there’s just a delay and I have to wait before the results go in?


Hi! I’m facing the same problem. I’ve been talking back and forth with support to figure out how I can publish my gig. I already passed the test and now its saying I can’t publish until I wait to retake the test.

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Wait until you get to the advanced test. I got an A in English honors for my assocaite’s degree, and the same semester I got a 6/10 on that test. I got a 9.5/10 on the first one.

Same thing is happening with me. I passed the test with a score of 37/40 but still I’m not able to publish a gig

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same thing happens to me an hours ago

same man same. what to do now?

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I think there is two English test on fiverr, When you will publish gig, that time you have to pass the test, actually it’s depending on category, some categories don’t require any test.

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I have cleared the cache, used different browsers and took the test atleast five times. Please someone, help!

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I think instead of posting “help me” here, you all should be writing to Customer Service for help. They do not monitor the forum and may not see the post.


I’ve been in communication with customer service since last week. All they say to do is try to clear your computer data and cache and when that doesn’t work they just tell you to wait until you can retake it. They dont offer any other solutions even when I’ve showed them screenshots of m test score and the problem. I think they don’t know how to fix it. That why im on here. To see if anyone figured out something.