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Passed up for promotion two months and then demoted... furious

I have met the requirements to be a top rated seller for three months now, each time watching as the evaluation day came and went with no promotion. Every box checked, met all the requirements, and I just kind of thought “well, I guess bc of covid, maybe they are running minimal staff, etc…”

Then last night I got ****ing demoted because my response rate dropped to 89%. I’m not complaining because of that, obviously that’s my fault. But to be passed up for months eagerly awaiting my HARD EARNED top rated seller status… to then be demoted to level 1 because I was 1% under the 90% response rate… yeah, I’m pissed.

All I got was the most generic, canned corporate response from customer support. Didn’t even begin to address the issue or inform me why I was not promoted for months when I clearly met all the requirements.

Fiverr treats their sellers like absolute ****, giving away our work at the lowest possible prices to entitled buyers who want the best quality for the price of a McDonalds cheeseburger. Even in the fine print, unless you protect yourself, you give away all copyrights and they don’t even have to credit you. It’s absolutely toxic. This site keeps going downhill, and the owners and CEO’s laugh all the way to the bank while outsourcing customer support to people who literally just copy and paste their responses from a generic “FAQ” section.

Top sellers are hand picked. There might not be anything you are doing wrong as such to obtain the top rated seller status. They may have reach their quota or maybe your gig just aren’t what they are looking for in a top rated seller. They do say that top rated are hand picked so you shouldn’t feel like you are obligated to achieve it. Maybe someone who met the requirements for 6 months in a row before you got it instead?


@eoinfinnegan’s answer may interest you. It is from another post made earlier this week.


Remember that the stats are the absolute basic factors to be able to keep Level 2/be considered for TRS - They aren’t what qualifies you for it.
I would also point out that, respectfully, there are a lot of sellers who would be a lot further up the queue in terms of how many months they are “qualified”, the amount of community involvement they have and longevity on the site.

Even just a quick look at some of the forum regulars, you will find at least ten who I would see as deserving or should be top rated, if their stats are in order. But Fiverr doesn’t work like that. Support does not know what it takes to be chosen any more than we do, it’s a different set of staff who deal with that so of course they will give you a canned answer.
As to your grievance about pricing, you set your own prices so you can’t blame Fiverr for that.

Finally, I would point out that I have been earning more this past year than I did as TRS and once you have a regular withdrawal schedule, 7 or 14 days makes very little difference. Buyers have not mentioned either gaining or losing TRS to me at any point, it isn’t a big deal to them as far as I can tell.

My advice to anyone here is that TRS can come and go as far as I am concerned. I had it for over a year and lost it over a year ago, even going down to Level 0. I am not really worried or interested in levels although I do see some value in being Level 2.
Yeah, it will give me a little boost the day I get it but honestly, it has no real value to me other than being able to say things on the forum like “As a TRS, I believe…”


You don’t meet all the requirements… One of the requirements is that you are handpicked.

“As to your grievance about pricing, you set your own prices so you can’t blame Fiverr for that.”

Everyone in the world knows Fiverr is all about attracting as many buyers to the site and offering sellers services with bare bones pricing and literally selling off all copyrights, etc. If you raise your prices you won’t get any purchases, because it’s a race to the bottom. We all know that and just accept it. I’m just stating the obvious :wink:

PS I rarely use this site anymore for good reason, I make 90 percent of my income from clients who actually know the value and we know each other on a more personable level, it was great starting off here, but man once you get some real world experience and real professional credits to your name (writing music or whatever it is that you do), I hope you would value your own time and effort a lot more than this now. Invoice people directly and make 100% of your sales, you don’t have to deal with all the entitled buyers and ridiculous requests, just make sure if you keep your profile active you reply within 24 hours lol. Best of luck to everyone, thanks for the answers and informing me it was a “hand picked” thing, which I didn’t know.

And it’s a very serious thing not to be glossed over, the fact that in the fine print you sell off every right to your product is very troublesome. Nowhere in the entire industry I work in operates like this, it’s shady and unacceptable. In reality this would cost a professional client thousands of dollars, yet it’s hidden in the fine print here saying you don’t own anything, you don’t have to be credited, they can say they wrote the song you give them ,etc. GRANTED it will be standard practice with some of the services, but with writing music it’s simply unheard of and if you charged what it’s really worth to sell exclusive rights and ownership to a song, it would cost in the thousands. Just be aware people. I am not here to argue with people who want to defend this practice, or to tell anyone what to do with their own gigs, but it’s a simple fact, no where else in this industry is that acceptable, so I am not insulting any of you, but that’s why I state it’s a race to the bottom, it is simply true. Have a good day everyone!

Speak for yourself :wink:
You can also include conditions in your gig description regarding copyrights etc if you don’t like the standard “catch all” legal text. If you did this I’d suggest including mention of it with a tickbox for people to agree to within the order requirements.
Glad you are getting clients elsewhere and enjoying it though. I can give you plenty of stories about the difficulties of that method too. I guess a perfect system, or a system that’s perfect for everyone, is quite a difficult thing to achieve.


False. You set up your prices. If you work for the lowest possible price, that’s on you.

That’s absolutely false. My minimum price starts at $625. I get orders. What now?


I agree with these two sellers.


I think everything is sorta explained regarding the TRS and your other comments, but I’d just like to add it doesn’t seem you’re very happy working on Fiverr and if it indeed it only amounts to 10% of your income then why bother?

Wouldn’t it be wise to invest that time on your already established profile outside here?

I’ve started outside Fiverr, so the opposite, and I’ve gotta say I’m quite happy giving 20% away not to have to deal with promotion, payments, invoices and the overall behind the curtains work involved in being in business.

We’re free agents in a free market, so it only becomes a race to the bottom if you position yourself there.


Oh for God’s sake what on Earth is wrong with people?

News flash. If you are coming to the forum to question why you have not become a TRS seller after meeting all the minimum requirements YOUR GIGS ARE LIKELY AVERAGE AT BEST.

Seriously, this is the case with every single seller who posts this kind of thread. However, you also have to be a special kind of optimistic to also be bewildered why you have been demoted instead of promoted. It’s not like there is an obscure piece of small print anywhere. If your delivery on time, response rate, or cancellation bar is red, not green, you get demoted.

Oh FFS. Get over yourself.


I agree with these two sellers.


I agree.

I had surgery, due to that I canceled orders and I got demoted from TRS. It was heartbreaking considering I was one for 5 years at that point. But guess what, sales are pretty similar… and as @eoinfinnegan said, the faster withdrawal makes little difference if you work constantly. In my case, I work on small projects so I don’t see any benefit from faster withdrawal since funds are rolling in all the time.


That’s not a requirement I suppose, rather part of the approval process. The requirements (criteria) is the one that’s listed on the approval page, once you achieve that criteria, you’re eligible for TRS, if ofcourse you’re selected (so, rather a part of process, not requirement :slightly_smiling_face: )

Imagine if you were promoted to TRS, and then quickly demoted because of your response rate.

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I agree, there should be some sort of protection if you become a TRS. As I said I lost due to cancellation rates for a month…

For me it was On time delivery being 89% for the wrong couple of hours one month.
I don’t think there should be a special allowance though, there is already a 10% safeguard. If it was 11% it would have saved me from demotion but what about the person who had 88%?


Well, there goes your reason, yes to be TRS is handpicked, but promotion or demotion of both Level 1 or 2 is automated, based on the criteria. Once you hit below the criteria, you’ll get demoted automatically on the evaluation date. If you wouldn’t bother to care the criteria, eve if you were in TRS level, you’ll get demoted nevertheless.

So like has been said, you couldn’t have been promoted this month because of the response rate falling below 90%. Though I don’t know if response time could also be an issue, even though it isn’t listed as a requirement (eg. saying you are available 24/7 but having a 10 or 6 hour avg response time show (depending where you look) might be an issue (eg. in any manual process)).

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While you acknowledge that your response rate is your responsibility, I would say that 89% is actually quite low when you consider that all experienced sellers know they have to respond to first messages within 24 hours - even if it’s with a quick “Thanks for your message, but I’m too busy with other jobs”. It’s not like your rate was 98% or 95%. We all know the rules. I’m not intending to poke the bear, but would a potential TRS allow their stats to reach this point? Being a TRS is a holistic achievement. From what I’ve read on these forums over the years, every part of your offering has to be spot on.

In my experience to date customer support have only been understanding when problems have come up. As for copyright, it depends on the services you offer. In my case I’m a proofreader, therefore I have no claim to the material in the first place. So working on Fiverr is ideal for me from that point of view. It’s your job to read the rules before signing up and to understand their implications. No point moaning about it after the event.

The thing is, many sellers on Fiverr think they’re deserving of TRS status. I know that my customer service is good, I know the product I offer is good. But personally I couldn’t give a stuff about having TRS against my profile. I get enough work through Fiverr to keep me happy. It’s not my main income. I would never ever consider making a single online platform my main income as there are too many variables out of my control.