Passing "Modertors' Review"


Help!! My Gigs keep getting sent to be reviewed and I keep getting the same message “Your gig image would need to be of a better resolution graphic or photographic quality. Please replace your primary gig image” <<<— What does this mean? I’ve used the same pictures before and have never had a problem. Now all of my gigs keep getting denied :confused:


I hate to tag along here, but I also get the same response. I recreated my image 3 times now. I put a lot of effort into it. It looks better then 3/4 of the gigs with the same keyword in it. I am following the rules on the site with the width and height and file size, but it keeps getting rejected. Is there some secret the noobies don’t get told?


shylor, the same is happening to me. The image is good quality and of the right size, yet it keeps being rejected because of “poor quality”… maybe the moderators should get better glasses…


I even tried resizing the picture to 682x459 so it wouldn’t be distorted and got the same thing again


I had the same problem before. But when i tried keeping the pictures at 600dpi it went well. I’m not sure, but you could try that too :slight_smile: