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Passion vs. Profit?


Would you rather pursue a career that you would love to do or a job that can guarantee money? This debate has been around for a long time and I’m interested in what this forum’s thoughts are about that topic. Personally, I’d like to follow my passion and draw for a living but it hasn’t been an easy path. Still, I have high hopes that I’d see the fruits of my labor someday.


Can’t you do both? I’ve always done what I enjoy, and earned money from it.


It’s like love marriage VS settle marriage:sunglasses:


They say that if you follow your passion, you are not concerned about how much money it will generate for you. Cause either you go for passion or you go for money.
But when you go for passion and pursue it, with the passage of time and effort, you become EXPERT and the MASTER of it, and money comes after that.


There is that possibility that you may do well in mixing both but not everyone succeeds. In webtoons, for example, those who’re on the featured page have done well in earning money from their passion but those in the discover area still have not moved on from being an unpaid artist to a paid one. Have you seen how many comics are on the discover page compared to that on the featured? Knowing the difficulty of achieving the passion and profit balance, I’d love to know how you did both!


Makes sense, but following your passion when you’re just starting up it doesn’t quell that urgency to earn money because you’re poor. Can you really focus on what you love to do when the lack of money reduces your chances of improving your craft (a lack of money lessens the tools you can afford to buy, promotion you can do in order to boost your reputation and gain more customers etc…)? What are you following, the road to doing what you love or what makes cash?


Ahahaha true
Both scenarios induce the moral dilemma of the heart vs. the mind