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Passive Income at Fiverr

Hey. Guys gona idea for generating Passive income at fiverr. I was thinking about it from a long time but today got this idea flash in my mind and how a seller can create his active income into passive income. Here are some tips.

  1. If you are related to SEO service then Start creating gig for backlink or seo service and gain good ranking and relationship with buyers with a good service and approach in the meanwhile you can optimize one more website or blog and optimize well for you and services at fiverr to create good traffic source for your buyers in future. And you can place ads for different sellers or buyers and charge per month basis from them for life long without actually working for them ever in future. You can sale the service for lifetime.

  2. If you are a Photoshop designer or video editor then the same thing apply here maintain good relationship with buyers and get good rating and comments after a particular level let say level 2 you can start another gig for providing a video tutorial on how to actually improve their raw photography when they click from camera I mean about how to use light camera in taking photograph and in video you can say direction, props and everything. you can create one time all lectures and sell them for life time as monthly course for up gradation here they just will order your one month gig training course and you can sell that like a hot cake for lifetime every month with specific video link you already made once every month new course for them.
    More ideas can be develop just by thinking through your specific area in which you are just think out of the box and I will waiting for more of your ideas and suggestion in particular services you are so lets share your ideas here in the comment section and grow with each other.



I will wait for more ideas & tips from you guys for exploring more about Passive income at Fiverr lets share your ideas and explore something new from your own services

How do you plan to sell someone a monthly service or a lifetime course based on a fee when a gig cannot have a delivery time longer than a single month?

The only way you could sell a membership within ToS seems like it would be a one time fee of some kind. It still can’t extend longer than a month, though, so you couldn’t sell an annual membership or lifetime membership for a one-time fee as far as I know. I’d ask Customer Support about this.

I’m leaving this up for a short time to see if I’m misunderstanding you, but if I’m not this won’t work and therefore isn’t a Tip for Sellers as-is.

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Yes i agree with you that you cant sell anything for lifetime here but as i mentioned there you can sell your package every month with new link to same buyer so buyer have to buy from your gig every month and you wont need to do extra work, but you are selling already did work and selling it every month with new video or informative links of you as email subscription kind of thing.buyer need to buy gig every month for new package.

I suppose it could be done that way if the link provided was approved by Customer Support. If the link to your website/block/course or other provided information contained anything that violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, though, you could lose the gig and/or your account.

For example, if the provided item had a “contact me” link or button, a payment method, a text email address or hyperlink to email, links or buttons to your social media pages, or anything else of that nature it would be a violation.

So, before anyone tries this, I would strongly suggest having the gig and any necessary links pre-approved by Fiverr Customer Support and keep a record of that.

Yes sure you are right here all thing must be in consent with fiverr customer support only.

Yes, this is a good idea of working together to improve one another. This is the world of challenges, no matter what your difficulties are, work is not just a business only it is your personal interest also. A good service, idea and response is always appreciated.
Good job

Yes i appreciate your interest Thanks for comment

I love the phrase “passive income” as it implies no work while money comes in every month. Aside from the TOS allowing this monthly subscription or not, there is the matter of making sure buyers get something new fresh and worth continuing to want every month. This does not sound like it’s passive to me. You are basically re-selling this every single month to keep them from ending their subscription. There are so many free videos on youtube that you have a lot of competition.

Thanks for your comment. Its kind of reselling without making actual efforts in future .yes perfect. Thanks again

This is not passive income.

Really, why would you even do this? Make a video course and flog it on Udemy. Write an ebook and flog it on Kindle. Make a membership website about Photoshop!

You see, unlike Fiverr, all the above options allow you to use your expertise (whatever it is) and create something educational for actual passive income once the work of creating it is done. There is literally nothing else you need to do after this.

Your idea is too convoluted for Fiverr–and having to do something every month doesn’t sound passive to me. Best you’re gonna do here is flogging some PLR, but tbh, that doesn’t sell very well either.

Trust me, Amazon sends me money every single month and I don’t lift a finger. That’s passive.

You sell books on Amazon? On what?

I agree with your reply this doesn’t sounds passive this seems just serving old buyers with fresh content only.

Exactly. Nailed it.

Erotica! I stopped when this KU nonsense started, but since they’re books on a virtual shelf, they still sell. I’m not making a ton of money, but it’s still a passive income.

Mind you, Amazon’s in a bit of hot water with the self-pub community right now. Turns out they’ve lied about how payments are calculated, and their response has been… well, pretty average. It really is the wild west working on the internet! If you want to learn more, Google Selena Kitt Scamazon. I can feel the popcorn exploding already!

I’ve been planning to make passive income on Amazon for a billion years now…read several how to write ebook books…still to write the first page of my great ebook :slight_smile:

Got a good thing going at Fiverr…so will continue with this as long as possible…when Fiverr stops getting work for me, I will start writing ebooks…

I also agree with those saying this isn’t really passive income. It actually sounds like plenty of work. Fiverr isn’t really a “passive” endeavor to me.

Now this is interesting.

Although whatever you guys are saying is very right. but this is just an idea to think out of the box so if we say this would be totally passive then it wont be as you all know the TOS of fiverr but what i tried to share is more possibility can bring for sellers more innovative ideas to share here at fiverr may be i am wrong but it would be more better if we start thinking something different that what i would expect here. any how Thanks all of you for good suggestions and correction about the post.