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Password Protected order delivery



Since i’m new to fiverr i need to know how to deal with buyers who doesn’t communicate much through order time.

recently i got a 150$ order for revamping some mobile app UI’s. buyer from Mexico. he just place the order without contact me. he just simply mention what he want to do. i think many times i tried to had a proper conversation with him but I only get few replies.

now I have to deliver the order but i’m doubting that what if he take my deliver files and refuse the payment. so i thought to send encrypted deliver file. after he complete his payment i will send the password to him.

what i want to know is I can do it in that way ? fiverr allows to send encrypted file to buyer and when buyer complete his payments seller will send the password.

please help me guys


Fiverr automatically collects payment from the buyer and holds the money until delivery. Three days after you deliver, or after your buyer accepts the delivery, payment clears in two weeks.

Don’t try anything like what you’re describing. If I were a buyer I’d be furious, and it’s prooobably against the ToS.


I don’t know how it works under your category. But under Resume and Cover Letter, once you deliver a file, there’s a fiverr watermark on the file. With that, the buyer can’t run away with the delivery. When the buyer complete the order, that’s when he/she will be entitled to see the original file.


thank you very much for your help. much appreciate