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Password / upload pics new gig


Hi! Im an old user but I just opened a new account, I found this new system much more worst, not practical and confusing than the new old one!! I opened a new account. I tried to do a new gig and COULDNT upload pictures even when Im following all the requirements, so I guess your system is not working. They say when something works dont change it! or make it better… Now this new system is much more complicated and uneffective, I lost lots of time and couldnt registered my new gig. So what can I do, please help ! thank you !!




This is a Users Forum. We are Users just like you.

You need to contact Fiverr Support and plead your case with them. Hopefully you’ll find a way to explain your predicament more clearly to them.

Fiverr support link is at the top of this page ^.

Good luck!