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How many emails should I have. I have NP logging into Fiverr…BUT I can’t use the same email for customer service. I have requested 3 emails to re-set my PW for C/S and none have come…NOW what? This is all before posting my First gig! :))


UGHH passwords, they are the bone of our contention. I would drop Customer Support a message and ask them what is up and why you can’t use the same email addy. Good luck with your gig(s) once you get them live


Hey TN!! I got on the forum through an email from Fiver with a hot link. Is this the same email as we use to got into Fiverr? I couldn’t use the web C/S because they don’t like my PW…So I sent an email to support@Fiverr.

Is there any where I can find the basic for my first Fiver gig? Can I have more than one gig when I am a newbie? How big (pixels) is the ad/video area?

Thanks for responding, Serry