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Past few days i have very low sale someone please advices me something


i relies that from Past few days i have very low sale someone please advices me something what can i do.


this is normal from time to time for all of us and you can do nothing but trying hard to promote your gigs in all possible ways and working on your gigs information too…maybe adding some more services. Just waiting dont help.


I"ve had that happen and I did a workshop done by a friend on increasing sales I went from 6 a month (Gig sold) to 26 a month. Try all different things the more creative you are and more things you do, like changing the wording, changing pictures, it all can add up to more sales. Even try advertising in a different way. Hope this helps!


I took a look at your gigs. They aren’t bad! Your titles, descriptions, and tags all seem to be fine. So, this is probably just a case of sales being slow at this moment in time… something that is completely normal and happens to us all from time to time.

All Fiverr sellers have ups and downs on Fiverr… you’re not going to always get 10+ orders a day, everyday. Some days, even weeks, you may not get any sales… then the next day or week you may get 50! That’s just how it is. :slight_smile:

However, one thing I notice is only one of your gigs have a video. Adding a video to all of your gigs can possibly help boost sales. Also, when a gig has a video, it will be placed in the “haz video” section of the Fiverr search, possibly giving you more exposure.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just take this time to create some videos to add to your gigs, as well as promote your gigs while you are not busy with orders. :slight_smile:

Good luck!