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(PASTA) Ultimate-Perfect Italian SPAGHETTI - BEST GIG EVER!


Hi! Thank you for having a look!

Since I’m Italian I wanna show you how to make the perfect ultimate italian spaghetti!!!


Please just have a look at the link below… You may be interested

I’d be glad if you promtoed this ITALIAN-gig to your friends or to everyone you know!!

Please help me!!



UP :wink:


Buona Fortuna! It’s always a good gig when (PASTA) is in the title. :smiley:


Being italian and adoring pasta, I can only wish you “Buona fortuna” and a big “In bocca al lupo” for your gig!! :slight_smile:


Thanks you all boys!! :wink:


Reply to @simosimo: Ehh! Sono una ragazza! :smiley: