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Pasting somebody\'s head into a movie clip?

I don’t see any gigs involving movie clips, even where the content of the clip has been altered or heavily edited. Is there a reason for that? Are movie clips from motion pictures not allowed on fiverr? I’ve been all over Fiverr’s TOS and DMCA looking for an answer.

I’d like to paste people’s heads into a short movie clip and have their heads move around and talk (it wouldn’t be much different from gigs where you can get your head pasted on the body of a movie character).

Even though using movie clips this way falls within Fair Use, I don’t want to hassle Fiverr with this kind of gig if using portions of a movie clip will trigger copyright issues.

Does anybody know if using portions of movie clips is okay? Thanks!

Fair use. IDK, ask Customer Support.

Yeah, I did ask customer support. None of their drop down options sounded like the place to ask this kind of question though (there’s no FAQ section like this), so I thought I’d come here too.

If I get an answer back, I’ll let you guys know what they say.