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Pathetic Customer

I am a music producer, the first order I received was from a request, on the first day I send him my first demo and he doesn’t like it, everything is ok, I ask him what he wants, and he tells me that he doesn’t know it, but he wants something else, (the person responds every 2 days to messages)

Tired of the situation and not responding to messages, I left another demo and wait for me to respond, now the client canceled the order and my profile was affected.

I do the work that I can without instructions, without the client responding and is it my fault?

I am not interested in money, I am interested in account statistics.

If this situation does not have a solution on the platform, I withdraw, since the only thing that causes me is frustration.


A freelancer should be patient in all aspects. You should not get any type of frustration, you need to emphasis on your quality work only.

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You use the same video for 6 of your 7 gigs.
(Also, those URLs are not in the permitted list: )


That is not the problem I am raising.

I was patient, I respect that the first demo did not like it.

The problem is that I send the demos on time and the person does not respond or knows how to tell me what they are looking for.

I work more than 5 hours to send you the demos, it does not respond and then it cancels.

This is the end of the conversation… i cannot in 1 week, work in 30 full tracks for him… i need just send a demo, and if you like i will finish the work…

It might be worse for your profile if you have multiple gigs with URLs that Fiverr doesn’t allow.
It could lead to your gigs being denied (I don’t know if it could lead to warnings - maybe).

The fact that the order went late could be just as bad as a cancellation re: evaluation stats.

Maybe change how your gigs work if the process isn’t working well now. Ideally you deliver a work and then the buyer asks for revisions. Doing it the way you are doing, waiting for a response that takes the buyer too long makes it go late which will affect your stats if the order completes.

Also having “unlimited instruments” - isn’t that also going to affect the time it takes you?

You also have the option of declining cancellation requests (maybe not in all circumstances). Though for a new gig that risks a bad review.

Maybe an option would have been to give a few melody options to choose from. Maybe what you ask for in the gig requirements could be changed to give you a better idea what the buyer wants.


I’m sorry. It can be tiring to have to deal with problematic buyers


Yes, but now due to lack of communication from the client, my reputation is bad and it was my first order, anyway, I’m going to leave the platform, very bad experience.

Why not be patient, and wait the 60 days for the bad mark to fall away and no longer affect your “reputation”. It sounds a bit more like you are a little impatient with the platform, when in reality, freelancing is going to require a great deal of patience and perseverance no matter where you work.


I will wait 3 years too, lol…

I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean.

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