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Pathetic Experience as Seller


Hello all,

I have a simple work to complete for $5. By understanding the logic I accepted the order. But I never knew that I am going to start a EXCEL Tutorial. Buyer doesn’t know anything about excel and having a row data in word which he want to convert into excel with absolute NIL clarity. Not sure what he want !

However I have accepted and understood a bit and delivered a small work for him to share his thought. But nevertheless he doesn’t know how to add data in excel, how to filter, how to do text alignment, how to take a screenshot and share…

I am literally getting mad on explaining things one by one.

Moreover, he don’t want to accept the delivery, again and again want to extend days - since 18th Jan until today 24th I am still behind this work.

Now I have lost all patients. Just want some expert advice how to tackle this without effecting my Rating & Completion ratio.



Unfortunately, you have unlimited revision on your profile gigs. And that means that you will have to provide unlimited revisions, or cancel the order and refund the client their money.

Next time don’t create situations like these for you. :slight_smile:


It was custom offer raised by me with 5 revision.


In that case, offer 5 revisions and that’s it. After that, simply decline any further revisions and you should be fine. :slight_smile:


I thought of doing that, but what if my rating goes for a toss


That’s a risk we all have to face. Now, we can respond to ratings we receive, so you can explain yourself. But the idea is that nothing guarantees you will get 5 stars all the time, even if you do everything perfectly. I got 4 stars from someone at some point simply because, and I quote my client, “I never offer 5 star”.

Trying to educate your buyer on how to use Excel won’t guarantee that he will leave you a 5 star. :slight_smile:


True, thanks @manucornel for your advice, appreciate !


It’s too bad for him if he does not want to accept delivery. Keep delivering the same thing each time he tries to extend delivery or requests a revision. Just say the job is complete. over and over and over as much as it takes, keep delivering the exact same thing over and over and over even if it keeps on for a month.

Notify customer support of what is happening and tell them you have a customer that you completed the job for who will not accept it and you do not want to cancel the order.

Sometimes they do this hoping you will simply cancel the order. Don’t do it.

EDIT: see my post after this one.


Oh! Then forget what I just wrote. You have no choice but to do endless revisions, forever if he wants it. Seriously if you put that in your gigs then you are getting what you told him you would do: unlimited revisions. You HAVE NO CHOICE. You must do as much as he wants.

Why do people put “unlimited revisions” in their gigs, then complain when they have to do unlimited revisions?


No no, my offer was not unlimited - it was customized order with 5 revision, I have mentioned earlier in this chat


If you did the five revisions the job is complete and you should tell him that.

Some buyers will try to take advantage of you as much as you let them. It’s up to you if you want to let them do that.


Good advice, now I will follow as you said - 5 time revision already over. Now I will send same file again and again


And send him a polite but firm message like this:

I have done the job as I described and as you wanted. I have also done five revisions which was the limit of the offer I sent you. Therefore, I am finished with this job. Thank you for your order.

Then do not respond again. If he keeps using those buttons to ask for extensions and revisions keep on delivering the same thing.


Hey, I just did that yesterday and do you know what - Order COMPLETED !
Actually he is helpless in Excel, so need support in feature. I have agreed for a good cause to provide some technical tips.

Thank you so much ! God bless.