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Pathetic, seriously


A few weeks ago someone copied my gig, so I contacted the buyer and he deleted the gig right away.

Then today, another buyer told me that he found my anime character gig image being used at

another site ( similar to Fiverr), so I went to check it myself, and yup, there it was.

My image AND the gig description. The dumb thing is though, this person obviously copied and pasted my

gig description, but the gig title said “I will draw you an anime character for $15” when the gig description

CLEARLY says $5. Wow, this guy didn’t even bother reading my description??

I wonder what this guy was going to do when he actually did get an order, pay me through Fiverr and

get an image done for $5, then sell that to his seller for $15, and keep the $10???

I contacted the site and reported him, and the gig has been deleted.

Don’t know if this guy will try stealing other people’s stuff, but seriously.

Sooooooooo darn pathetic.

Well, one good thing is, when I checked his status before reporting him,

I did find out that he hasn’t gotten a single order at that site, so I guess that’s what you get when you

steal from other people. HAH!!! :smiley:


That’s awful. I’m glad the other site deleted that gig. Maybe you should try running your pictures through Google Images to see if you find any more.


It’s great to hear that the other site took it down. Hopefully Fiverr will be as responsive to “Buyers” that were stealing other Fiverr gigs. Glad I could help!!!



Hi rebesign,

Yup, I’m glad that the fake gig was deleted in one day, they responded pretty quick!

I guess I will have to run my image every now and then to check.

Thank you anigrams again for letting me know!

I just hope I won’t have to deal with people like this for a while!


I think I know the site you’re speaking of. You know the popular gig on Fiverr for kickboxing in a bikini? That’s selling there for $13.


Reply to @rebesign: I told her about it months ago and she didnt seem to care

matt_garry said: I told her about it months ago and she didnt seem to care

Maybe she's the one selling it there. ;)


not likely


I can relate to your experience. I have been plagiarized before. But the worst thing is, I actually did a search after reading this post and whoa! my gig has been copied in its entirety and it is on Fiverr. He practically copied the whole thing except my username. The suck_r even manage to get order! how’s that?

Unfortunately, I can not post it here since it’s against the rules to call out someone. PM me if you want to see the URL

In my opinion though it’s a waste of energy to fret about it, just report the incident to CS they will take care of it.