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Pathetic service by Fiverr

Fiverr is probably one of the worst places to work. This is entirely because for every job that you will take they will take 20% of your total earnings. Now, it makes sense if they were to take that amount off of the money we make off a gig. But, they deduct 20% from every single payment that you receive, for instance if you receive any tips too they will deduct 20%. You might expect that the tip would be untouched because you have gone above and beyond to deliver a product before time or add some bonuses, but no. Fiverr will seize your entire right on a tip.

I used to work as a waiter at several places once, and I don’t recall a single moment when my boss asked for a cut from my tip.

The service that they provide is absolutely shit. You’d expect them to respond to any queries that you have or any problems that you are having in your profile, or get any issue with your data analytics fixed as soon as possible. But, no. that is not going to happen. A, they will take 20 days to a month to respond to just check the simplest issue. B, when they do respond, they will never solve your problem and wrap their inability to do so in nice words. The problem with that is if you have a 4 star rating on your profile and somehow, because of a glitch, it shows you have a 2 star rating, then you wont get any project.
So, all in all, its probably not worth working on Fiverr, unless you really need to just while away some time, don’t give a shit about the money and are ready to haggle with Fiverr support for the remained of your life.

PS: Fiverr, stop taking 20% from our tips. Its cheating.


This is false. The confirmed response time, right now – during this pandemic – is roughly 10 days. Not 20 days, not a month. Please do not exaggerate for the sake of making a more impactful complaint.

Fiverr is not required to provide the answer you may want them to tell you. Fiverr will resolve the issue, if it needs resolving. If there is nothing they can do, then that is your answer. You are not entitled to a specific answer, just because you want that answer.

I’ve been here on Fiverr for over six years, and Fiverr has always been helpful and resolved my concerns to the best of their ability. Deal with them politely, and they will likely be even more helpful than you expect. CS are people too. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same for you.

This is not Fiverr’s fault, nor have I ever heard of this being a “glitch”. The more positive reviews you receive, the higher your seller rating will become. Yes, buyers tend to hire proven sellers that have many reviews, a high rating, and have a proven reputation for skill, ability, and great customer customer service.

None of this is true, but, you are welcome to hold this personal opinion. I, personally, am here to make a living doing what I love. So are thousands of other sellers.

I don’t think this will change. And no, it isn’t cheating. This is how Fiverr has chosen to maintain their site, and they are welcome to do so, since this is THEIR website, and you agreed to their policies when you signed up for your account.


Before you join fiverr…, then you should read the TOS.
If you don’t think Fiverr is good enough, nobody force you to join and work with fiverr in the first place.

For the tips problem…, Even though kind of sad for me too, but i try to understand fiverr positions, otherwise…, seller can sell their service only $5 …, and ask $100 for the tips…,


@jonbaas You may have an exceedingly pleasant experience with the customer service at Fiverr, I haven’t. And when it comes to treating them with respect, I do not need advice from you.

Secondly, as for responding to the queries, 4 out 5 of my queries have taken more than a month to even receive a response from them. And just because “you” sir have not heard of such a glitch or problem does not mean that it does not exist.

And you are more than welcome to work on Fiverr for as long as you want to and speak in abundance of the quality service that they have given you. I specifically talked about what I have gone through. And you are no one to question that, irrespective of whether you have been on Fiverr for 6 years or 60 years.

And as for my last point, yes I know I signed up to the 20% deduction. But I think that deducting 20% from my tips is cheating. You are more than welcome to hold a different opinion.


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Mate, I am just here to share what I felt and what I went through while working on Fiverr. I am fully aware that if I don’t want to work here, I am more than welcome to quit. You don’t have to emphasize that for me.

If you like it here, good for you. Enjoy and good luck.


I hold the truth. Regardless of your personal opinion, you DID accept Fiverr’s policies when you chose to sign up for an account. You agreed to the Fiverr revenue-sharing system Fiverr operates under. And yes, this includes tips. You don’t have to like it, but you did agree to it when you checked the box at sign-up indicating that you read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service.

This isn’t me being rude. This is me reminding you of the facts.

This is how Fiverr operates, and, I think it is more than fair that Fiverr takes their 20% from all tips, because if they didn’t (and this did happen before the system was changed), bad sellers got around the 80/20 order profit format, by charging low prices, and then demanding that buyers pay a high tip, in order to make up for the loss of revenue they were required to share with Fiverr. Bad sellers were cheating Fiverr out of their 20%, so Fiverr closed the tips loophole, and tips are now considered a separate purchase – subject to the same 20% as all order prices.

You don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it. This is how Fiverr works, and it works this way for very good fairness-forward reason.


Yes, I did. I did agree to Fiverr’s policies of taking off 20% from everything that I earn. But then I was of the opinion that I would be treated fairly, my queries would be responded to and I’d be offered help when genuinely needed it. Which I clearly did not get. Neither you or Fiverr can change that.

It might be fair for Fiverr to operate on a 20% deduction policy to keep away the bad sellers. But what of those sellers who put in the hours, who put in the work, over-deliver every single time and then when they finally receive a tip, Fiverr takes away 20% off of it. It is my singular effort that goes into creating a product, I do not want to share it with anyone if I don’t receive the service I deserve.

Every company operates on the fact that the clients who bring business are often given priority. If we sellers don’t work on Fiverr, then Fiverr will not exist. So, I believe it is their duty to address our problems and pain points. And yes, policies do change for those who put in the effort. I am not saying it should change because I am saying this. I am just raising an issue. You take 20% from my earnings alright, but give me the service and support that I need. But, clearly all of this would jump right above those people’s heads who have grown so passionately favourable of Fiverr and its policies.

Again, you don’t have to agree with me. Enjoy and good luck, mate.


I highly suspect Fiverr triages queries. It may be that yours weren’t deemed urgent.


Could you share some screenshots of your experiences with customer support?


But you are required to, as long as you operate your services here on Fiverr. Fiverr keeps 20%, you keep the remaining 80%. Regardless of what you want, think, believe, or how hard you think you worked, this is how Fiverr works. You share your revenue with Fiverr as long as you choose to work here. This is Fiverr’s site. They are entitled to make a profit from the services they provide to you, as well. Fair is fair.

I do not see the 80/20 profit-sharing model changing any time soon. It is far too integrated into the culture and format of this site.

Fiverr owes no one anything beyond what is stated in their terms of service.

Unfortunately, it’s not an issue (and I don’t think Fiverr will consider it to be an issue either), because it is how Fiverr operates – and how Fiverr was designed to operate.

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Right That is how it is, by being seller we also agree to 20% off cut. we still could make a fortune from Fiverr


Especially if we know how to scale our business and we increase our pay by 20% to make up for the loss.


I think you failed to notice that I said they can keep their cut, as long as they provide the service. That is how the world works. Fiverr is no special. You do the work, you pay the money, you get the service. If you don’t you raise your voice.

Just because you haven’t had a bad experience with Fiverr, does not mean that you can deny the simple fact that my queries were not addressed at all. I have been facing several problems from the past several months, but it is only now that I decided to share my experience.

Again, perhaps you had trouble understanding my previous response, I clearly said as long as I am getting the service, I have no problem in sharing the cut. But, if I dont get the service then I am going to raise the issue. And as per my opinion goes, it is an issue that they take off 20% from the tips, and on top of that do not address the problems posed to them. Fiverr cannot work in a vacuum. It needs its sellers operating happily.

Businesses dont function on rules they set out in their policies, but by looking after those that get them profit. Unfortunately, for anyone who runs by rules and is adhered to the policies will never understand this. Peace.


Good for you, mate. Good luck with that.

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Hello @theonlineclass,
Most of your comments here are untrue. Personally without bias, or sentiment, I don’t think there is a big deal if the person that linked you to a job gets 20 while you take 80%. That shouldn’t be an issue.

Besides, Fiverr’s customer support are the best, sincerely. Table your request to the respectfully and trust me they will handle your complaints well. In fact they don’t take up to 10 days to reply., no to talk of 20 days.

If you wouldn’t be able to adhere to their policies, it’s better not to accept the terms and conditions.

To the Newbies, trust me Fiverr is the best. Cheers!


I am seriously done explaining my side of things. Nothing is perfect out there. I wrote what I felt. There are a million other issues that I found that I did not raise considering that they have a system that functions a particular way.

I don’t need any advice on tabling issues respectfully. If you do not agree with what I had written, you can simply go ahead and say that. Please stop demeaning and downplaying someone else’s problems. Cheers.


And when it comes to the person linked to my job taking 20 out 100, as long as I get the service I am happy. What I am not happy with is paying the money and not getting the service.

Please read the entire thread and then respond.


And for the newbies, Fiverr isn’t “Oh my God this is the best platform!” best. There are a lot of issues with their system which you only understand when you are a part of it. So don’t let anyone tell you that since it was in the T&Cs you cannot really do anything about it. If you feel there is an issue just talk about it. That’s the least you can do.

And, remember, just because 8/10 people have had amazing experience working here on Fiverr, does not mean that the remaining 2 people haven’t. You could either be one of those 8 or one of those 2. Just be careful.


I kind of agree honestly, the 20% cut wouldn’t be so much of an issue if Fiverr would use that money right now to at least hire some more CS agents. It’s one thing if they can’t actually help because we all sometimes deal with complex issues that we need to open a ticket for. But it’s a whole other story if the agents are dealing with so many tickets that they just give up halfway and close tickets without actually looking into it or jump to conclusions because the ticket would otherwise take too much time to resolve which, according to the forum, does seem to happen more often than it should.


I’m not here to defend Fiverr or to question your version of events.

All I will say is that as a longterm Fiverr seller with seven years’ experience on the platform, and a whole lot of experience outside of Fiverr - I don’t recognise any of what you say.

I’ve completed hundreds of orders, I maintain a 5 star feedback, and in the rare event of any problems, customer support have dealt with issues efficiently.

You have three feedback ratings. One of which is 1 star. You’ve been a member since April this year. In my opinion it is way too early for you to form such a negative conclusion.

I’d say you’ve not received the volume of orders you’d hoped, you’ve had an issue with at least one client that for whatever reason wasn’t resolved in your favour, and now you’re hitting out.