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Patience Defined for New Sellers

  1. The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

  2. The ability to continue doing something for a long time without losing interest, especially something difficult

  3. the capacity, habit, or fact of being patient

Examples as used in a sentence:

The new seller was patient in waiting for sales to come to their new gig over a span of days, weeks, or even months.

The patient seller did not panic when they had no sales right away. They did not flood the forum with impatient messages about why they do not have sales yet after one day, five days, or even two weeks or more.


Wait, how did you do the invite?

Anyway, I agree with the OP.

In fact, new and impatient sellers, when I first joined, I just waited for the gigs to come and completed them. It helped that I had work elsewhere online, and also that I had a real IRL job for $$$.

If you are desparate for money and your (non) source of income is Fiverr only, I advise you to read the italicized part of my prior paragraph.

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@emmaki I hit some level that lets me invite people to post. There is an invite button. I knew you would appreciate this post.

Took me 3 months to get my first sales! I too was doing other things online, work, and still do, a full time job, and had a part time job. Fiverr replaced the part time job and other online endeavors.

What is that saying? Good things come to those who WAIT!

Ah yes, I see it now. I haven’t used it before. I believe there’s a whole slew of sexy badges for invites, though!

I don’t recall how long it was to get my first gig, but it was rather slow. Say an order a week? I used to get very annoyed when I had a modest (by my current standards) glut of $5 cluttering up my to-do list as I’d have to spend ages doing stuff for a pitiful income instead of doing more profitable and enjoyable stuff.

So yes, my early days on Fiverr were marked by the usual stuff, but you know, it never really crossed my mind to moan incessantly on a/this forum about it or cadge people for (freely available) tips.

The key, once again, was that I was not desparate for money and it didn’t matter whether Fiverr took off or not. I can’t say I really cared about it until I made TRS a year ago and my income grew, and I was able to finally charge more realistic prices.

So, dear impatient newbies, sorry, but you’re just gonna have to do the whole crappy waiting game that everyone goes through to get to the top, and nothing else bar good work, consistently done will get you where you want to do. The End. You’ve read that advice a billion times; does it really help you do anything?

Of course not.


I donot understand this topic. :joy:

or may be my mind is too numb after working for straight 15 hours! that i think i am high with Fiverr!! :joy::sweat_smile::imp:

I’m using Fiverr since its Day1 ( almost 7 years ) and I agree that Patience define all the Fiverr experience :slight_smile:


I am sure (some) these ^New Sellers^ will perhaps create a “how to maek seals” topic instead of reading this. :sweat_smile:

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@silberma1976 exactly. That’s true.

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Yeah I am a patient new seller :mountain_bicyclist:

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Yah!i have to patience too.

Just want to add , don’t mingle “Patience” with “slothfulness”, Because If you are having a cup of coffee in your hand, and sitting all day long, Idle, in front of fiverr, waiting impatiently for a sale. Mate! believe me, You won’t get any, until You pull your socks up, and do something about it.


@nabz053 - No, you can not just slap a gig up and hope flies come to it like it is honey. However, sometimes, you do everything right, and you just run into a time where the work you did needs to gain traction, and that takes time. There is an excellent article on the blog about what to do with downtime when no sales occur.

I’ve noticed that the most impatient new sellers are also the ones not doing enough to promote their gigs…such as applying to buyer requests, etc. This isn’t my first tumble with fiverr, and it was the same thing 4 years ago when I first made an account on the site. N00bs gonna n00B and not read the resources freely available…

Isn’t that the case with anything else in life haha? Lots of people think they can make a lot of money freelancing and “be their own boss” but don’t realise being their own boss involves a tremendous amount of work, promoting yourself, and let’s not forget - taxes.

Yes! that is obviously the case with every facet of life. But since we are on this platform, so i’d rather stick with only freelancing.

Happens to the best of us XD

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