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Patience is the way of success

I am a new member on fiverr, 30 days ago. I was learning that patience is the power full key to learn more.
write your point of view


“Success” isn’t a direction to have a “way”.
Success is the journey.


I like that :grin: Yet people still say “path to success” everywhere in the world :thinking:

Patience is a virtue, that’s for sure.


It’s their own point of view :grin:

Or maybe that’s your point of view, though I like it :sweat_smile: This quickly becomes the “who was first, chicken or egg?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally agree with that.


Not really!
Your opinion is your own, if you know what I mean.

Are we even entitled to our own opinions? Or is it just a false illusion that we even have the right to an opinion? :thinking: Are we truly in control over our destinies and lives, over our faith or future?

Maybe and maybe not, who knows.

Patience is important but it is also important to know that “being patient” does not mean sitting around waiting for things to happen for you. Try new things, make an effort but be patient if results don’t go your way.

In keeping with the philosophical nature of this thread, here is a quote from one of the best examples there has ever been of active patience.

Also worth noting that Coyote always had a knife and fork with him, ready for the day his success would come.