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Patience wins the race!

The patience has a vital role in Fiverr business. Whether less orders or buyers keep asking for more, the seller with patience wins the race !

This is very true and often overlooked. Moved to Tips for Sellers since it applies to much or all of the Fiverr community. Thanks for a concise but useful tip. :slight_smile:

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This is so true

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Thank you

100% agree with you . Yesterday i was upset because i didn’t get orders from a while and i posted on the forum for suggestions , I did few edits in my gigs and i got 5 orders with-in 2 hours :slight_smile:

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Totally agree. The less you expect, the more you get. Alas, most new sellers think that they put a random gig online and the money will start flowing in.

I believe everything has also to do with a certain amount of confidence. If ones only competitive tool is the price, he or she will hit rock bottom very quick and end up working a whole day for that amount of money. If you don’t want to be treated like a commodity, don’t act like one.

Therefore I feel that the competition mindset is the most dangerous thing to have. Do what you do as its best and let the others do whatever they want. You see Vauxhaul and Lamborghini both build cars. I don’t think they even look at each other in a competitive way as they have a total different kind of customers. Even here on Fiverr you have a huge diversity of different customers.
It’s your choice to be the lambo or not.

I remember letting a $700,- order slip because I didn’t like it, while I see others struggling with a $5 or $10,- order.

I have to add though that Fiverr covers approximately 5% of the orders I get. The most orders I get by companies who don’t even know I’m here.

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All the best !

Thanks. You explained your experience so nicely.

Yes, I think - Patience is more important for a new seller.

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Yes correct. fiverr seller need to have a patience. it is very important. before few months ago i am also in hurry and result is 0. But now i am sure patience is very important, you can also optimize your gigs and you can read tips for sellers.

i am sure seller get a lots of orders. Success key: Maintain Quality and Delivery Time. :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of this

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Yes.Be patience and try as hard as you can…Just don’t be idle…

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True !

I believe its important for all level sellers as everyday is not a same day for all

Very true.

Very true !

I agree.Patience is the key to success on fiverr. sometimes buyer test your patience and sometimes fiverr :wink:

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For some days you will not even receive a message from any buyer and for some days you will be filled with orders! That is how things unfold on Fiverr. So,your point is the best tip for each and every Fiverr seller. Just be patient and don’t do silly things with your profile or gigs.Your time will eventually come.

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Nice tip thanks!

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