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Patiently Waiting for First Sale

Hey everyone. I realize I’ve only set up my first gig a few days ago, but with my retail background, it’s weird having no sales lol
Does anyone have any feedback on my gig’s listing?
Thanks in advance!!


Please write your description in detail. Because description also use for seo and seo will give chance to your gig to get sales.

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Your gig description should be your profile description. It’s great info about you, but the gig needs to be about the gig. A good place to start is to echo the title in the first sentence. Make it clear what the gig is about. Also, tell the potential buyer what the differences between the packages are.

Here, this link should help a lot.

Since you have a retail background, you probably already know customer service is key. So serve by explaining.


Awesome! Thank you for the advice and the link!!

You’re welcome. I’ve accumulated a bundle of useful links in the (RRD) section of this thread. You can find some more helpful stuff there.

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I really appreciate it! Thank you very much! Looks like I’ve got some reading to do :slight_smile: :smile: