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Patiently Waiting for Spring Break

As I sit here, I realize we have just 7 days - the weekend not included - before the start of Spring Break. Since I plan on not going ANYWHERE for Spring Break (and there’s a reason for this), I plan on doing a lot of Fiverr work and whatnot. I’m actually REALLY looking forward to staying home (in the city) this entire 10 days.

I see myself at the gym, taking my son to his soccer games and other fun things, but I also plan to spend my mornings working on Fiverr stuff. Instead of giving me 3 to 5 hours a day to work on Fiverr, I can spend up to 8 hours to work on the stuff and then the rest of it with my kid, at the gym or sleeping.

Raising my prices have certainly helped me to do this. I am now able to do more things I want to do, instead of being overbooked constantly. I did worry that raising my prices would send some clients away. And, I’m sure it did, but I haven’t noticed too much of a speed bump.

This is one Spring Break I am really looking forward to - I can work on Fiverr articles, sleep, play games, take time with the kid and do whatever else I want. I won’t feel so tired when I go back to work at the school on the 26th. Finally…


Kudos on the sporting choice.


Our spring break starts on the 26th. I also raised my prices and also stopped offering the 24-hour service option on most of my gigs. On the gigs I do offer it on I make sure I am well paid for the rush job.

Enjoy your spring break! :smiley:

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