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Paused a gig still received an order


yesterday I paused a gig yet after 4 hours I received an order! This is annoying, anyone facing the same issue?


That is very strange. i am waiting for people that are experience in this kind of issues.


Did you have incomplete orders for that gig, or sent custom offers?


I’ve read threads before about sellers having problems with vacation mode where orders slip through even though it was turned on. Then as I understand they were told that those orders would have been ordered at an earlier time before they put it into vacation mode, and it just registered a bit late or something like that.
Perhaps it’s something like that happening with the pausing feature.


i don’t get any any order can anyone of you people guide me??


One thing that happens is buyer orders gig, but doesn’t provide all the info. So the order is started, but doesn’t show in your active orders. Then they complete the info days later and there is the active order.

Also updates to the gigs can take time to hit the servers according to the message when you update the gig.


Reply to @catwriter: I do have some orders that I’m still working on but I paused it because I don’t want any new orders.


Reply to @tictac7: I didn’t mean the orders you’re already working on. I meant the incomplete orders, when someone clicks on Order Now, but doesn’t submit any information, so the order isn’t active yet. Then you pause the gig, then that person returns, submits information, and activates the order. Perhaps something like that happened?

Or maybe it’s something like dashingcovers said, an order was already submitted before you paused the gig, but registered a few hours late.