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Paused a new gig and create a new one


I have paused a gig (which i created few days ago) paused that gig today and create a new gig as same as that one, will it affect to my gig rank or my work?

I am new in fiverr, so please tell me in details.

Thanks in advance


If you’ve paused a gig, it won’t be shown so it won’t have any rank.

Your new gig might take a couple of days to appear in the search.

Duplicate gigs aren’t allowed - you might want to re-think that bit.


I have changed a little bit, change the title and make some small changes. is it ok?


You’d need to ask CS if you’re unsure.

Is the product you deliver the same for both gigs? If they are then a changed title etc. isn’t going to make a difference - they’re still the same gig.


ok, but i have paused the previous one, then whats the worry about :disappointed_relieved:


I found your paused gig - it is the same as your new one.

Fiverr doesn’t like duplicate gigs, whether they’re paused or not.

I can’t see the point in having 2 gigs the same, even if one’s paused to be honest? It does break the ToS as well BTW.

From here:

To ensure a wide variety of Gigs in our marketplace, each Gig you create should offer a different service. Duplicate Gigs will be removed. This means you should not:

  • Open up multiple Gigs with the same or similar titles in the same subcategory;
  • Have the exact same Gig description when in the same subcategory;
  • Have similar or different descriptions of the same service in the same subcategory.

Please keep these tips in mind when opening a Gig.


ok thanks a lot. i will check that. should i delete the previous one?


So long as you’ve only got one, I don’t think it matters which one you delete. :slightly_smiling_face: