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Paused gigs are still visible but no buy button

I just discovered something strange. I noticed that gigs I’ve had paused for a long time are still getting impressions and views. So now I found one is visible on fiverr, under a different URL from usual, but there is no way to purchase it. The contact button is there but when clicked takes me to an inbox page without the usual text box.

It’s on google too and I found it by searching for the main image. It
was a surprise.

Here are impressions for six months of a paused gig:

I can understand why it happens now that I think about it but still, when you think paused gigs aren’t visible, they are.


I just noticed this recently as well with a few of my paused gigs. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

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That gig is actually getting decent impressions and they all must be coming from google.

If you want to getting impression then you had right way gig back link