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Pausing a gig upon creation. Any negative impact when launching it properly?

Kinda silly question but I will have to ask: If I pause a gig that I created seconds ago, will that have a negative impact when I try to launch it because it will be considered as paused in it’s history? Any algorithm experts to enlighten me?

Thank you


Lemme try to answer this.

When I watch a DVD and pause it, does it have a negative impact when I relaunch it?

Don’t worry about your paused Gig.

All will work out.


Let me rephrase for anyone who will read it.

I know out of office mode has a negative impact, I’m not sure about pausing. Many factors can affect your gig rankings. Is pausing one, even upon creating a gig?

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I highly doubt pausing a Gig is going to do much with your stats.

It never seemed to hurt mine but I’ve always had several Gigs ‘live.’

However, if you only have one Gig and you pause it, you become invisible.

You probably figured that part out already.

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