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Pausing all gigs due to unavailibility

I am about to start a large project in real life that will take all of my time over the next couple of weeks. I have no active orders now, all my previous orders have been marked complete.

If I pause all my gigs, will the following happen:

  • Will seller levels be affected?
  • Can repeat buyers still message me?
  • Will my response rate be affected if someone messages me and I didn’t see it next week?
  • What will repeat buyers see when they view my profile from inbox?

Thank you!


I just looked at my friend’s profile, who has had his gigs paused for two years now. There is no contact button on his profile, and his level is the same. However, I see I still have a message thread I could contact him through.

Your response rate is not affected by ongoing conversations as messages from old buyers would be.

From the inbox, your buyers will see that you do not have any gigs available.

Why do you not activate “unavailable”? When I use it, I can set the date I will be back and leave a message on my profile page for anyone who tries to contact me. You can choose for new buyers to not be able to contact you. Old buyers still can, but they will see that you are unavailable.


True, when you put your profile unavailable, it’s what i did right now cause i’m overbooked, new people can’t contact you, and no one can order.


Wow…1k+ review…:clap::clap::clap:


When a seller provides quality service and good customer care they often get good reviews. My 5 of reviews is now at 80% which is 1485 reviews. :wink: