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Pausing GIGs does not effect ranking

Recently my gigs doing great, I got so many order every single day thanks to too because of the information I got from here. But, I can’t keep up with a bunch of order everyday so I decided to pause it every 3 days (one of my gig is paused now). I don’t want to increase the price for some reason. After I unpaused it I got wayyyy more impression and order also be on the first page! When I made my research, people on fiverr said never pause your gigs. So the question is, should I pause it or not after all this happen??


Honestly, I do feel whether you edit or pause your gig your rankings will change. I edited my telepathy gig and for some reason I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore. So it is a hit or miss.


I recently started using the pause feature too (by means of limiting orders in queue — which pauses your gigs automatically when the number of orders in queue exceeds a certain value). And, whenever my gig would unpause after returning back from being overbooked, it would go back to being on the first or second page of search. As far as I have noticed, it doesn’t affect the ranking of the gig in anyway.

so what is the difference between automatically pause and manually pause the gigs?

If you limit your number of orders in queue to say 2 orders (for a gig), whenever you have 2 or more orders in queue for that particular gig, it will get automatically paused. And once the number of orders in queue go below 2 (if it becomes 1 or 0), your gig gets automatically unpaused.

Apart from that, it is exactly the same as manual pause.

I see, thanks man!!!

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same thing happen to my gigs.

all the best
plz tell me how was the gig sell