Pawpaw piewie is now getting it


This are really heating up for this guy


Oooh la la.

I wonder if he’s made a video rant about it yet.

See you later guys, I will be trapped in a black hole of YT videos for some time.


H3H3 has a good one on this scandal, but I can’t link it here as it has bad words in it (swear, rather than racist)


For all the batman lovers


H3H3 has a good one like @emmaki said, as did the latest Philip DeFranco video (am I allowed to link?)
Phil’s take on this is that it’s a good thing for Pewdie, as now agencies will be fighting for his business and he will be seen as a free speech warrior. Who knows! He certainly has such a loyal following that this probably won’t effect him much.


Links should be OK if they’re not filled with swearing.

Taiwanese animated news (TomoNews Funnies) came up with the goods again too (I love these guys and their news stories!). Sadly the thumbnail is racist looking so I can’t link.


I understand it’s very hard to write his name properly, but you should at least try to show some respect. His name is pedwipede.


You know, at the end of the day it’s more exposure for Fiverr. I don’t know why they don’t just run along with it :rolling_eyes:


Disney Google and Youtube pulled his income. He really shot himself in the foot.


That’s why I enjoy frequenting Daily Mail… (taking things out of context and exploding it)

Poodipie only has the 2 videos in question removed from MONETIZATION, the rest of ALL his videos are still being monetized normally.

There’s a PREMIER level of advertising options where advertisers can contact directly the top 5% of the highest paid Youtubers.
He has been dropped from this TIER of the advertisement only.

The only other truth in all this is that YouTube will not renew the YouTube Red show of PoodiPie.

Article from


It’s like H3H3 said; manufactured outrage. A new scapegoat for a new scandal will be along soon enough… it’s easy to say that PDP shot himself in the foot, but the reality is that the media just can’t help themselves.

Fake Jesus will likely get another publicity boost and $$$ from this! I’d say it’s the best thing ever to have happened to him. I don’t really see why so many people on here dislike the guy for his actions; if anything, they do raise Fiverr’s profile a lot–and far more effectively than their cruddy #InDoersWeTrust campaign.


the daily fail is so full of junk that wikipedia have banned them as a reference source.


I just keep remembering jeesus coming here and whining that he’s not making any money because his account got banned and wah wah wah…

He was making like couple of sales a week, when that boost shot him to over 275 orders in the span of 72hours.

I despise people like these… greed is ok, but you should be a tad bit grateful too especially given the ROLE that you are playing… SMH :rolling_eyes:


Funnily enough, the Daily Hate failed to report that. Can’t think why. The Guardian had a field day with it though…


Daily fail didn’t report it as it was a true story and they only deal in alt facts. #SAD.


Their headline yesterday regarded the speculative fiction (i.e. only the DM was covering this non-story) that Greece was considering leaving the euro to join the USD.

Which is a terrible idea, for numerous reasons, but it was interesting to see that they chose that headline over the many others available that were actually news. Mind you, their editiorial focus lately seems to be plucking stuff off sites like reddit and/or badly disguised advertorials for that company that does lame quizzes. #crapracistfascistcomicbook


Well I am not allowed to name shame and I was not trying to write his name I was trying to write “Pawpaw piewie”


I never saw that. What utter tripe. They, Greece, are a bazzilion euros in debt. Why would they be joining the USD, to dig a bigger hole? and yes I’ve seen them copy stuff from Reddit, sometimes they just copy/pasta entire content, but the BBC have been guilty of that as well to a lesser extent


It makes little sense to me either. The only real way forward for Greece is through a lot of pain and ye olde drachma. Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot of tasty natural resources (gas, mainly) in the Aegean, and that’s the real reason for Greece’s ongoing debt slavery; it’s just a cash cow from now until eternity.

But you know, with Spain, Italy and Portugal also looking very shakey (Dei Paschi imminent bank collapse, anyone?) and France, the Netherlands openly turning against the EU project, it’s going to be a rough few years. Never mind the Brexitballs, which is its own hideous shitshow…

None of this is in the Daily Fail, though. That would be too honest… the BBC aren’t that much better in my opinion.


you know what i saw some of his videos
its tough to explain what i feel after watching that

Talent and Arrogance aint the same thing
we must understand that we have limits and when to cross the line

sometimes you had to yes but there must be some pure motivations
i am new here so… you know