Pawpaw piewie is now getting it


His point was that for $5, you could get anyone to do anything on Fiverr, even if it was racist.

That point has been lost in faux outrage, suddenly bought back to life by the WSJ in search of–what else–clicks and revenue.

Personally, I believe crossing the line is a good thing to do. Challenging boundaries is a good thing to do. Upsetting the status quo? So much the better. Pewdiepie is not arrogant, I don’t think; it’s a persona. Does he have talent? Well, that’s subjective, but he has 53m fans, so whatever he’s doing, it works for a lot of people.

Besides, as other commentators have pointed out, this isn’t really going to hurt PDP: he’s too big to be toppled by this. It’s a literal storm in a tea cup, and I find the pursed lips about what he did to be rather unedifying when Fiverr’s panicky reaction and eventual backtracking is worthy of so much more commentary–and the same can easily go for the super-slow reaction times of the network and others. It’s all a bullshit shitshow.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes back with. Both guns blazing, middle fingers aloft, please!


He wouldn’t be the first popular entertainer to be toppled by this type of controversy.

Remember Paula Dean?
She had an empire that vanished overnight due to racist comments. The last time I saw her, she was on television crying and begging for forgiveness.


recreational outrage culture in full swing on this one


I can only think of one popular figure who not only survived making televised bigoted comments but seemed to benefit from them for some mysterious reason.
So maybe PDP will come out of this ok.


I’d never heard of this guy prior to his foray into Fiverr controversy, now I actually find myself watching him daily at some point. Also, it was an expose of Fiverr itself which led me to stumble upon this place a couple of years ago. In short, all publicity is usually good publicity unless you’re a serial killer or pervert.

Then again, sometimes even that works.


It was great publicity for fiverr. PDP was clearly enjoying buying gigs on this site.


The funny guys also got unbanned


When did you start to mistakenly think shitlords like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg “deserve respect”? I have NO respect for Nazi sympathizers. The only reason to spell his name correctly, and specifically his real name is to heap the necessary shame on him.


It takes a special kind of courage to say … challenging boundaries is a good thing… But people shouldn’t be outraged and fight back against oppression, racism, and offense…


My irony detector detected, that you haven’t detected my irony.


@deesajn @anarchofighter


I’m sure we can all agree he’s a bad hombre. PDP that is.


Yes, I missed it. Apologies. And still a tall middle finger to fascists and racists.


Only one tiny little swearword near the end. Why not just take it from the horse’s mouth?

But sure, go ahead and let yourself be guided in your opinion by Rupert Murdoch, who I can assure you has done far more than PDP to champion racism, fascism and plenty of other -isms to turn a profit.

That’s doddery old Uncle Rupe, btw, who pretended to be a senile old duffer during the Leveson Inquiry (video of note: then-wife Wendi Deng [later to be alleged to have an affair with Tony Blair…] goes mental and thumps a “comedian” who tries to cream pie Rupe), only to suddenly magically regain his marbles just a few short years later.

Yes, let’s focus on PDP “getting it” instead!


I forced myself to watch 5 minutes of his ramblings which was about 4 minutes too many.


he know how to babble
but dont know how to clean the track

its just gossip


He’s a tedious bore.


ok my boyfriend is also an youtube gamer
he is musician and a magician
he have 40k real subscribers

heres the thing
my husbend also make videos but strictly avoid religion and other personal motivations
and pwp cant do that


Eh, 53m subscribers, pots of cash and what’s colloquially known as FU money still. Lots of seething jealousy here!

Trust me, this is only in the news again because it shifts papers, which means $$$. Nobody cares about the racist stuff except for those who wish to be whipped up into a delicious froth about it. Besides, still publicity for Fiverr…


I just think it’s boring.