Pawpaw piewie is now getting it


Other than he so lucky got made millions by making childish youtube videos, I personally do not see what so special about PDP. He just got lucky.


I love how the mention of Rupert Murdoch–a man far richer and far more insidious than PDP–just gets ignored.

Fine if you find him all boring/lucky/whatever, but… there are much worse people hiding in plain sight. People who get away with it with barely a passing murmur… then again, if you control the press, you can quite easily influence quite a lot of opinion, too.

Think about that. You can blame PDP for the $5 furdwards who are coming on site, but let’s be hoenst: they’ve always been there, and I would guess that most people influenced by the (now deleted) video made a beeline for Fake Jesus saying well dodgy stuff. Which, of course, was the whole point of the original clumsy video: for $5, these idiots will do whatever you tell them. I’m not going to excuse PDP for posting it anyway (it was dim of him not to see that this might create issues), but when you’re busy pushing boundaries, you tend to lose sight of the hard line. Plus, as he says in the video I posted above, this was the year he decided to fight the media.

LOL. Bless his little cotton socks. That’s not how this works.

But no, all we apparently have to say about this is ‘he’s not very good at what he does’.

Those grapes are gonna go straight to vinegar, dudes.

Looks like Fiverr’s blended into the background again with YT reportage. golf clap


Did NO ONE ELSE notice his real LAST NAME? :rolling_eyes:


I would like it if he were funny. I don’t know anything about R. Murdoch. I did read about his ex you mentioned.


i things this is off topic :frowning:


That’s the thing, MC, humor is entirely subjective. There’s no issue with that; my issue is with how this has been blown out of the water and misrepresented. That’s what his response video is about, along with quite a few others.

Do you find it acceptable that the media is the way it is today? This is just one instance of thousands of misrepresentations and lies. So some YTer makes some ill-advised racist jokes that were actually poking fun at another YTer (who really is racist…and somehow comes out of this clean as a whistle… oh, nice one) and a whole month later it blows up again with Fiverr being little more than a 'hi, we’re a platform full of cheap idiots who will do anything" footnote in the story. Seriously, the Fiverr marketing dept had this in the bag… and they absolutely squandered it!

It’s no big deal if someone doesn’t find someone else funny. It is–for me at least–a big deal when huge megacorps get to have such power over the world and get away with it over and over again.

Rupert owns the WSJ via News International, which has many, many very dodgy dealings, particularly in the UK in which it was wrapped up in a phone hacking scandal (a young girl went missing and murdered, a journalist of one of the group’s many papers hacked teh phones to get the story… and worse.

That newspaper actually got shut down in the the outrage and subsequent Inquiry was very much a whitewash–mainly because it touched on Savile and would have gone all the way to the Palace, and… long story). He also owns Fox, and I’m sure a bunch of others. He’s absolutely an awful man. That a Murdoch-owned newspaper is behind this makes me suspect that Unky Rupe is onto a new strategy… never mind Wendi. Posters above screaming about one man’s alleged fascism and racism when… uh… it just blows my mind. Especially with that username.

@djgodknows maybe I’m missing something but what about his last name?


You have just put my whole opinion into words for me. Thanks!
Kinda like you’re now Rupert and I am everyone complaining and PDP is, ehh still PDP.
Good of you to just give an opinion instead of a clickbait headline followed by baseless accusations and a small disclaimer at the bottom so nobody sees it. Liked and subscribed! Follow back pleeaaasee!


If a journalist comes to this forum to seek another angle on this whole story, imagine what the takeaway will be.

“Pawpaw piewie [sigh] is now getting it”, amidst what I imagine are hundreds of “halp me ploz not to make moneis, please suggestings?” posts. Hardly going to shake off the image of thick people dancing in the jungle like racists for pocket change, is it?

Oh yeah, that’s gonna gel nicely with Fiverr’s own campaign (not that anyone gives a shit about it).

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Jeez, enough of this people. Go mek some sells!


I love this site. I think that’s what people got out of it-- where else can you see such a sight.

None of us approve of that sign they held up, but this has become the new place to have
things you just can’t see any place else. I hope fiverr always is this way. The world needs fiverr.

The World’s Biggest Collection of Oddities is really the thing that grabs people looking for the unusual. Yes it can be a serious place for serious techies and others and can also be a fun place with unusual things you can’t see any place else. PDP saw that and had fun here. (not saying the sign was ok.)


You have to remember that millions of people saw the original video, and many millions more are seeing the controversy. Depending on whether they want to do research into Fiverr/the controversy or just make a quick judgement, they’re not gonna think of the world’s biggest collection of oddities (my Jesus tagline was better!)–they’re gonna see it through the eyes of a mocking video. Also that PDP got banned lots of times on repeat accounts too! That’s not fun…

… that’s a company handling a sudden rise to real visibility pretty badly. This is the kind of publicity that people would kill for. Instead, it’s just devolved into a mess. Now, sure, PDP can have his side of the blame for being a bit of an immature prock about it, but that’s his schick. It’s everyone elses reaction that’s more interesting.

Even now, this is a chance for Fiverr’s marketing dept to jump back into the limelight. Instead, we have a blog which references new seller stuff with a link to Etsy TOS.

I… c’mon. Time for a new CEO with actual vision, I say. goodbye all, it was nice knowing you


I am trying to think of ideas of what they could have done to capitalize on it—
hire PDP do do a promotion of it? Invite him to make a gig? Spash ads for fivver on his YT videos?

I don’t think the video mocked fiverr at all! He said he could spend all day on the site, and was having a blast.


As I understand it, neither of the banned parties did much except :frowning: about it until reinstated. That’s perfectly understandable, but OMG. Set up a website already and make sure he tweets or YTs it out when he feels bad about it! Or something vaguely proactive!

PDP also gave both parties $500 as an apology at some point. This was somewhat ruined by a joke that he wanted his money back when they got their accounts reinstated (it was a joke! But… it’s that old humor thing, and it did fall flat)

There were a lot of options open to either party had they thought about them instead of panicking about the immediate future and consequences. I’m not going to blame them for their reactions–I mean, how would any of us react in that situation? But it’s something to chew on in the unlikely event it does happen.

EDIT: I think without the whole [censored] stuff, the video would have been pretty fun, and you know, nobody needs to mock Fiverr when he picked some of the gigs he did and the hawkward policies sorted half the funnies out for him anyway (although that would have been more gallows humor for the average Fiverr user)


Do we have a slight disagreement between two of my favorite posters here :sunglasses:


Could make it one more, darling. :wink:


Nope, I got mek sells to do :stuck_out_tongue:


By the Power of Ancient Gum, I am sure you shall be fine.


No we are both right. Emmaki is right that it could somehow have been used to better advantage and I am right that lots of people are first attracted to fiverr for the oddities.


a direction which Old Man Fiverr is trying to crawl away from!