Pawpaw piewie is now getting it


I don’t know why when they have things here that no other sites have. People come out of curiosity to see the oddities and stay for the serious work they can get done at reasonable rates.

PDP was not the first to publicize the oddities here. A couple of my gigs got mentioned in newspapers and on YT as being strange and worth checking out.



Mammon lives!


The odd gigs bring it in too.


I think @emmaki and @misscrystal both make excellent points regarding how the site is seen by those watching the videos. If you remember, he browsed through a few of the categories and then found the Fun and Lifestyle category which is what he said he could spend all day on. All of the joking, mocking etc was done about a category which is supposed to fun and a bit different to the rest. This made Fiverr appealing to people who want to try something funny or unusual and the result was a surge in some of those gigs. While they were getting there, they also would have seen other things and maybe browsed or just been aware of them. Fiverr could do a lot worse than to just try advertising individual categories in a similar way.

Overall, I think it will be seen to be positive for the site at some point and any idea that it will make the site seem less professional is like saying the Independent newspaper cannot be taken seriously because it has a funnies and crossword section.
Would love to have seen Fiverr engage with it though.


You can’t joke about anything! Rape for example is one. Nice to see PWP is getting back. karma is a B1tc*


You can joke about anything, just not everyone will laugh with you about it and there may be consequences for it.


Well said and lot’s of people feel that way. They may not need a logo or a proofreader, but they can spend all day browsing the Fun and Lifestyle category.


It would have been nice to see Fiverr engage with it more. For all that I didn’t like about that ad campaign they started–what, a week before this blew up the first time?–I liked how it was being a bit edgy. Not very well, but baby steps. They could have got this to mold in with PDP somehow. PDP himself said that some staff were interacting with him and indicated that it was higher ups who wanted to shut stuff down.

It was on one of the videos that has since been removed from what I can tell, so. But it’s something to remember. My bet is the higher ups felt that this was out of the safe edgy zone and shut it all down right away without a thought for strategy.

@wp_kid, go to the joy-free zone corner with all the other humorless thumb-twiddlers, particularly for bringing up “rape jokes” (no, please, tell us one!) which has 0% to do with anything. Please engage mind and research before joining discussions. If karma’s a biyach, then where are your 53m fans? I thought so. Yet another bit of edge that’s blunted with meaninglessness.


I do think it is likely that Fiverr have shied away from this because obviously they cannot control what PDP would say next. It could also get awkward if, as PDP says in the video you posted above, that the WSJ people went to different companies asking for feedback and reaction to the original video and others. That is why the companies dropped him apparently.
Regarding the “higher ups”, I am sure Fiverr has some sort of line system in place where if something seems too big for a CS person they pass it up to management, then to seniors etc. Of course the 20-somethings on support didn’t have an issue with it as they probably knew who he was but for anyone who didn’t then it is scary stuff and scary topics that can often go very badly.


I would have ridden the crest of the wave. No, you can’t control what PDP says (but I’m pretty sure a financial arrangement could work…), but that team who did the Doers video did a pretty neat job. I’m sure they could have done something with the whole affair. A mixup, a parody, a…you know, put a bunch of ideas people in a room, pick a few, get that shit out there ASAP. At the same time you’re jumpin’ on the “viral surf” (excuse me while I vomit), you can also control the message. Perhaps other videomakers will join in as well. Whatever happens, Fiverr’s profile raises. It’s not just racist jungle dancers and white power Jesus anymore.

That’s how I would have probably pushed to handle it. Obviously I am but a lowly serf tilling the fields of 20% so who cares, but that’s my miserly thruppence. I think your estimate of what happened is accurate, though the c-level team isn’t that old. Like mid 30s to mid 40s? I mean OK that’s getting on a bit, but it’s not quite doddery 90 year old bank owner (Mary Poppins, I’m looking at you!)


To get the funny guys in a room with PDP and have them do their dance, while a bunch of fiverr execs and workers are watching, then make a video of the whole thing and when PDP turns his back the funny guys hold up some kind of mocking sign they put down as soon as he turns back around, they could have really had a field day with it. They could throw Jesus in there as well, just have him be there with the other fiverr employees.


Never mind Jesus. You’ve got God. His son’s up to no good again…

It really was a remarkable wasted opportunity from my perspective. But you know, they pretty much squander all golden opportunities that come their way (the death of Elance and the horrible way in which UW introduced their new fee system being the last notable occasions, although those are more strictly industry-related).

One guy did make a point that I liked somewhere: Borat. Now… that was a blockbuster Hollywood movie that was pretty, pretty racist in parts.

It all goes back to the point I was making above: what’s the big deal here, media. Racism or PDP? All you people commenting with kneejerk reactions, you can’t let the media cherrypick your opinions for you. Unless you love Unky Rupe.

EDIT: It should be noted that Sacha Baron Cohen (yes, he is a [censored]!)'s roles have always been about pricking outraged people by being outrageously stereotyped. He’s not been so great lately, but the guy was on a roll for 10 years. Plus, he made fun of [censored]. Should we censure him, too? I’ve already had to for stupid reasons. Isn’t that a bigger disgrace?


Companies can’t be associated with offensive things. Comedy is often about offensive shocking things. But those comedians don’t get paid by big companies, like PDP does, that is the difference.


But companies can revive old stories over offensive/controversial things to rack up their own $$$ via page views? It’s unlikely that PDP would have been dropped by YT or Disney had the WSJ–hardly a paper to cover frivolous YT videos–not gone into full on investagative mode.

Don’t you find it annoying and/or depressing that this is what supposedly serious newspapers are chasing up now instead of serious news (e.g. political, the markets, boring stuff like that)?

And yes, you’re right, the investor must be appeased: profit over information. Mammon lives! Yet the majority will accept it for what it is. Maybe the world hasn’t moved on from the days of Salem after all (possibly not the best analogy to use with you, but it was the first to come to mind!)


I am surprised to hear the WSJ did an article on that! How silly! I used to watch Howard Stern when he was on tellie and he was offensive but had big advertisers. I always wondered how he got away with it when anyone else wouldn’t have lasted past one night.


That’s why we’re talking about this (and why I mentioned Murdoch)! OP linked to the Independent report on this, which is a British newspaper that doesn’t exist anymore except as an internet clickbait site which was in turn repeating what the WSJ said.

3 journalists did this. 3 Murdoch journalists. I don’t know about you, but I’d rathher the WSJ dedicated itself to serious news and not crap like this. But that’s another part of the issue: print media is dying (the Independent died…) and online is the way to go. Paywall, clickbait, a mixture?

All this shrieking about fake news lately is a whitewash (again) over the real news. In my opinion, it’s all propaganda. If you can’t trust anyone, you pick who you trust, and that… all comes down to skilled writing and targeting. PDP is a huge internet figure. The only reason this is happening is because of just that. Borat, you forget, was a huge blockbuster success, and controversy filled investor pockets, and it was all done through the studio. This is different (I don’t know enough about this world to honestly comment further).

That’s why I’m arguing this corner: a lot of people are just going with it. The only thing that’s “getting it” is truth.

I am going to retire to the boudoir soon, as it gets somewhat late. I will mock anyone who comes to this post tomorrow and says something mindless and stupid though. You deserve it.


Both. There’s a reason I almost completely stopped watching TV too.
The one time I turned it on a while ago for the news on one of the few ‘serious’ channels (for which I have to pay fees just for the possibility that I could watch them BTW) I noticed an innovation - they, within the bit of time allocated to the evening news, announced the following movie or series or show or whatever it was.


Wikipedia banning someone as a source, now that’s ironic.


@newsmike now thats ironc saying


I didn’t actually read this thread I just saw pawpaw pewie and chuckled lol.