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Pay for gig promotion/feature


not sure if this was discussed but honestly think to help new sellers like me (im relatively new but been buying a lot) to get their gig noticed is to offer an option where we can pay a small fee maybe $5 (i am not sure, just a suggestion) for a featured row or section on top of the specific gig category page. i am sure a lot of non-popular sellers here can agree business is slow because they arent usually in the first few pages of their gig category page. for example, I found an AMAZING photo edit and illustrator with 4 ratings and he is nicer and better than (in my opinion) other sellers on the front page.

Mod Note: Since a feature like this has already begun to roll out, this post was moved to Conversations.


This is already available though not exactly as you described it. It hasn’t been activated in all categories yet, though I think it will. You will eventually be able to mark a gig as featured and have it ranked up somewhere higher, though it will have “ad” on it in small print.

It won’t cost you anything unless you sell something, but if you sell you will pay a higher commission. You can find other posts on it in the forum, some probably popped up as a suggestion when you created your post.


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