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Pay for your services when they completed

Buyers pay for the job ALWAYS when the job is completed don’t be i want everything for free person, if you do it is the same as STEALING. a simple pick pocket thief that calls don’t be like that we work hard trying to give you the best for a few bucks


All the buyers already know this. Those who act like they can do whatever they want to on Fiverr, already have an intention of stealing. It’s very difficult to stop them by making Forum threads like this one, it’s like crying and screaming for mercy after an evil powerful person, these kind of evil buyers(thieves) can only be stopped if the sellers and Support Staff understand and co-operate with each other.

Yes, always service first, then payment.

well a good way for a seller to protect his services from being taken for free is to deliver only a preview of the final product. that way he will not be able to use your product without paying for the final files :slight_smile: