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Pay Pal question?

Do you need a credit card for pay pal? I’ve never used it before. I would test it, but I want to wait till $50 has cleared first. So do you need a credit card to put money into pay pal? Can I get a check when I withdraw the money from pay pal?

This may not be true in all countries. I live in the U.S. You can connect a credit card, bank account, or both to access funds. And you can switch, so initially I used a credit card to pay for purchases beyond any funds I had in my Paypal account, but then decided to deduct from my bank account (in this case, a checking account). And I can go into my Paypal account any time and switch it back, if I decide to put a purchase onto the card, then switch it back again.

And yes, you can request a check for your money if you don’t want to withdraw into a bank account.

Reply to @celticmoon: Thanks so much, this answered my question perfectly! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome~! :smiley:

Personally, I like Paypal…I’ve never had problems, I occasionally sell stuff I make (different from my Fiverr items) to people on the internet who find my FB page, and it’s a great way to do that kind of business…you can create invoices and bills, and it has other features for small businesses that are handy.